You've never seen arcade games like this! Let's play at IAAPA 2022 -

You’ve never seen arcade games like this! Let’s play at IAAPA 2022

Plush Time Wins
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I bet you’ve never seen arcade games like this! Today we are at IAAPA 2022 playing new arcade games that have never been seen before!


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  1. The wheel remind me of the price is right tv show

  2. The first game looks like they just took a part Kung Fu Panda and then a six-year-old put it back together looks fun though

  3. Awesome video guys That Bridge Game was very interesting I love that Avengers game too x keep up the excellent work ❤😎👍😊✅😁🙂💯

  4. Awesome job you guys have awesome weekend.

  5. I cant believe that game was talking about your mama even after that beating 🤣. Really loved those new games.

  6. It's nice that hitting red pads doesn't decrease your score

  7. I played the infinity stone one last weekend! It was so fun! Once you get the timing it’s an easy one for fast tickets!

  8. This is about strength reflexes and fast eyes and a note: nothing is impossible when you believe in yourself

  9. Woo-hoo soooo epic great crystal and pork chop!!! Big jackpot too

  10. Love the energy in your content

  11. that punching machine has been talking about so many mammals it sold out.

  12. Thanks for this video! Please got footage of the controls for the games too!!

  13. I followed all of the red cups on the claw machines and got them right. Sometimes I forget yelling at my screen won’t help you two. 😂

  14. Yellow mind purple power green time red reality orange soul and blue space.

  15. Omg no one should ever talk about your mom Angel and cris did awesome as well so many exciting new games this year hope we get one more video

  16. How much is it for IAPPA it looks like so much fun? Love your videos ❤

  17. I can't play any of those they hurt my eyes so bad with all the movements

  18. Amazing video cool new arcade games looks like lots of fun and very addictive looks like arcades are going to be even more fun once these machines are in place sweet can’t wait to play them. Lots of love and blessings

  19. IAAPA videos are definitely some of my favorite videos. I love seeing all the exciting new games & attractions! Do you guys have any IAAPA vlogs coming out this year?

  20. Those machines better not talk about your mummas again or they know what is coming next.
    Love the IAAPA videos

  21. these games look so fun Glad you guys had fun

  22. I really liked playing Big Ticket Drop! I managed to get it in a 50 but that was by accident! Was way off from the Bonus!

  23. Omg the wheel is awesome

  24. The added feature on the claw machine game is so much fun I love watching your IAAPA videos!

  25. He didn’t hear when the machine said to start free shooting

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