You've Never Seen an Arcade Game Like This Before! (TOKEN ACTION) -

You’ve Never Seen an Arcade Game Like This Before! (TOKEN ACTION)

Arcade Matt
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I found a really unique arcade game called Pirate’s Kingdom. It’s a token action game where you drop tokens down and they go on a spinning wheel and if you land the token on certain values, you win tickets. You also have a chance to spin the bonus wheel by landing the token on the Jackpot Chance spot – build up all the lights to win the MEGA BONUS! How much can we win with $30? I’ll then cash in all of my arcade tickets to see what the best prize we can get is. Redesign your digital canvas with the whimsy of jax wallpaper the amazing digital circus. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of The Amazing Digital Circus, featuring cute characters and surreal landscapes.

* This video was filmed a while back and unfortunately this game Pirates Kingdom is no longer at this Tilt Studio arcade in Ohio Valley Mall * Maybe it’s elsewhere? *



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About Arcade Matt:

I make arcade videos! My passion started with the claw machine and continued to arcade ticket games. I also play games that give prizes like Stacker and Keymaster. The coin pusher is also another favorite – some I play winning quarters, others I win arcade tickets. On some games I even show hacks how to win. I also play carnival games winning big prizes! If you love anything about the arcade, subscribe for new videos every week, and let’s play!

You’ve Never Seen an Arcade Game Like This Before! (TOKEN ACTION)

Arcade Matt


  1. this seems like my kind of game i want to play it so bad

  2. Isn't this just the evolved version of the Taco Bell coin game?

  3. 2 cans of pringles
    Dalry Milk

  4. Really wish the arcades I had when I was growing up never closed up. I remember going to the mall with $20 bucks and be able to play all day. I'm old so games were only 5 cents per play. I was a ski ball champ lol

  5. do you like this game? i just did not get that through out the vid…:)

  6. Please do this with tower of tickets or zombie snatcher!!! But play even more money I want to see a huge amount of tickets at the end

  7. Hey Matt, this June/July I’m going to be in Pittsburgh, any arcades you recommend while over there?

    Also wanted to say, I love your videos, especially when you were still known as Matt3756, ever since I was a young 4th or 5th grader, or possibly middle school, I would see what was new on your channel, I would see what new craziness would be witnessed. And because I am visiting Pittsburgh for 4 days (June 30-July 3rd), I would be super happy if I could meet you in person. If that’s cool with you of course!

    Anyway, Matt, you keep being awesome!

  8. My guess is 2520 not a good game for tickets tho

  9. at 15:20 im gonna say 2000 give or take, at 15:40 was off by 520, i dont know why i loved watching this game lol

  10. A weird one for sure but I can see why you like it !!!

  11. I'm curious of your age I'm guessing anywhere between 10 and possibly 15

  12. New drinking game, take a shot every time Matt says "it adds up"

  13. Matt can I make a suggestion for a YouTube video that you should make🤔 How about making a YouTube video were have a head to head versus challenge at the arcade, but make it about who can win the most rounds/games at the arcade and not who wins the most overall tickets🙏 Also flip a coin, the winner gets to pick the game to play.

  14. My favorite snack is potato chips. None of the crazy flavors though just regular plain potato chips. Yea I know I am boring. I always bring a serving with me to work every day. I also love the Aldi potato rods. I always try to get a thing of them whenever I go.

  15. Was snackin on Cheeto puffs while watching your video

  16. Glad you enjoyed playing this game Matt but honestly I feel like games like this are horrendous for ticket accumulation. I pretty sure a couple weeks ago you did a $30 challenge and had double the amount of tickets you got in this vid

  17. I love token-action games, and I am SO GLAD that cards aren't completely killing them off, just changing their form!

  18. I'd love to see a 1,000 coin challenge on this like you did with the coin pushers

  19. Fun Fact: Matt said “JP Chance” 183 times (if I counted correctly)

  20. Dave and busters tower of tickets is insane. I got 200 chips and Played just that and got about 10500

  21. Hey Could you help me come up with a simple sales pitch to basically ask the store owner if they’d want my mini claw machine at there location please

  22. My snack of choice is dunkaroo cake icing and a spoon! 😆

  23. Holy crap I literally guessed 2578 on the tickets won! 😁

  24. I love that style of game! Sure it has some inconsistencies but that can just as easily go in your favor, I think you were really starting to get it down by the end! I think if you went back and did this again you would get more tickets nice job matt!

  25. Make another video with this machine!!❤️

  26. The chess set is awesome! I need to send you a pic of a set my family has!

  27. I don't know what the price is on this game, but this HAS to be one of the most profitable games I've ever seen (at least from what you are telling me). I am LOVING this video, brings me joy! 😀

  28. Aways entertaining. Been watching for years and years and years now is still as good as its always been. 👌 🎉🎉🎉

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