You Have To Win Arcade Games, Or You Die -

You Have To Win Arcade Games, Or You Die

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The Coin Game is an arcade survival game. If you don’t win on claw machines, you die of hunger

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Music is Stardew Valley – Natures Crescendo.


  1. I got so mad when he called the goose a duck. Repeatedly

  2. The moment the hellivator squished him, YouTube suddenly crashed, and I just burst into laughter.

  3. I really don't know why this video ever took off. I still think it's fucking hilarious

  4. I love the stardew valley background music!

  5. Goose is too calm, it's a sleeper agent for sure

  6. This game makes me nostalgic for a childhood I never had.

  7. Could you pawn off the children robots?

  8. I was at the part where he gets hit by the roller coaster then an insurance ad pops up

  9. This is why I love you RT, let's go to the arcade Survival edition, you make games like this way more entertaining

  10. I come back to this video every time I'm feeling down. It just makes me feel sm better 🙂 thank you RT <3

  11. Imagine your mom takes you to the arcade in the shopping mall, goes off to do some shopping, and comes back 30 minutes later to see that her kid died of starvation.

  12. FUCKING FREAKY, as he said who are you, I got a notification that said …who are you?

  13. someone timestamp every time he gets hit by a car

  14. As someone who has put at least 80 dollars in claw machines those are the most reliable claw machines I have ever seen

  15. "What's the worse that could happen"

    Ad plays right before he gets hit

  16. This is worse than the Willy Wonka slot machine…

  17. I love how realistic the amusement park is

  18. Back in my 8th grade year, My school went to a arcade / bowling alley for a social, almost everyone literally won a rubber bouncy ball that was bigger than a watermelon from one of those huge claw machines, even one group of kids got together and bought an nerf sniper rifle. Then when we got back to school, eight tables in the cafeteria was filled to the brim with pink and blue rubber balls! Our principal was freaking out about it. 😂

  19. No cap when he said can I put my mom in the claw machine, a police car with sirens on drove by

  20. I'm playing Stardew valley rn, and it's summer, so it took a second to register why the music was playing twice over.

  21. I was watching random videos to get me off my going stardew valley addiction to focus for exams, and the first background music i hear here is from stardew 😭

  22. it's so funny watching this compared to the way I play this game

    I have a whole daily routine. I do my paper route every morning, eat meals at pretty set times, and honestly probably deliver pizza more than I play games. I'm regularly walking around with more than 50$ on me, enjoy taking the bus, and have a schedule for when I go grocery shopping and how much I buy

    this game is not an arcade simulator when I play it

  23. Omg wow a Stacker that actually lets you win the major prize

  24. I would love to have a cage for like… guinea pigs, or something that looks like a claw machine (one that doesn't actually operate, obviously)

  25. I just have to watch this video when i see it pop up

  26. Why cycling on the road is stupid, a visual representation.

  27. "Whats the worst that could happen"

    Cuts to AD

    You sly bastard

  28. Is it wrong to say this is the first game I ever got on Steam?

  29. Wasn’t expecting to see actual irl arcade games (that damn fish wheel was the death of me).

  30. "I thought this was an arcade, is this Five Nights at Freddy's?"
    oh no… is that where Steel Wool got the idea for SB?

  31. I rememebr trying to play survival mode and it just instantly blue screened my laptop

  32. After being re-recommended this, you should play more. There's been new stuff like jobs and a new arcade.

    Survival Mode isn't too hard. Have to spend Day 1 earning money and buying a few things of food.

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