You have to play this arcade game!! -

You have to play this arcade game!!

Arcade Warrior
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You have to play this arcade game!!



  1. We got 6,360 in 1.5 hrs on this game! Very addicting 💞

  2. I frequent the arcades nobody plays that game not even on half-price day

  3. About 3 years ago I watched you every day, I just now returned

  4. I did, got a fuckton of them

  5. If I got all the dragon balls from that game can I summon shenron?

  6. I so wanna find this game an go broke playing it..😂

  7. My arcade just got this game in before everything locked down in 2020. I hear that this game is so good for tickets that many arcades are nerfing the payouts…

  8. So, Erik.
    What do you mean that these giant pearls kind of look like dragon balls?

  9. Hi Arcade Warrior, I Really Like Watching You Play This Game It Is So Much Fun And Your Enthusiasm For It Is Great. Another Great ( Short ) !!!!! 😎👍

  10. My local arcade had this game installed right before the virus and they made sure to limit how many of the bonus balls came out of that thing.

  11. I milk 500 tickets ez playing space invaders

  12. When I went to Las Vegas I accidentally broke this game and I lost 2,000 tickets, I was going to fast and won too many tickets

  13. Last time I was at the arcade I got 900 tickets with 2 gos

  14. Are we not gonna talk about the dragon balls

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