You DO NOT want to miss these NEW arcade games! - IAAPA 2022 -

You DO NOT want to miss these NEW arcade games! – IAAPA 2022

Plush Time Wins
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You definitely do not want to miss these new games! IAAPA has a ton of new fun arcade games this year!


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  1. I liked over the edge and Bop it . Even if it drove me crazy playing bop it it would still be fun.

  2. Yes!!!! The Rick and Morty! Looks like the space one from Singapore(I think it was there)! I’ve been thinking about how night and cool it was. Now we might get a chance to play it here in the US. I’m so excited!!! I wanna dump those chips.

  3. Wow that was pretty cool, it looked like all the games you played were really fun! When it comes to having fun Rick & Morty was my Fav, Over the Edge is a gr8 way to win some Mystery Boxes!!! Can't wait for more IAAPA videos, especially if Angel does the American Ninja Mini Course (if they're there).

  4. These games look so fun I can’t wait till you guys are playing these games in an arcade and I love bop it I had bop it and I was so good at it that I memorized the buttons and would with my eyes closed

  5. They just got the sponge bob pusher at my local Round one.

  6. I've never heard of the youtubers 😳
    My son and i would love the pop it on we love that game got four of them.

  7. I can not wait for that marble pusher with the prizes that fall and push to come out into the arcades and watch y'all play it! That is going to be my new favorite game!

  8. Great video sweet it’s fun to see what new arcade games you be to play in coming year looks lots of fun and great surprises yea. Can’t wait to try it when its already at arcade. Lots of love and blessings

  9. Omg bop it…. I remember this from when I was a kid. This so cool to see it coming to arcades.

  10. How does this place work? Do you pay to get in and they give you coins to play, or do you pay to play, but don't get to win the prizes? Just wondering 🤔

  11. That Rick and Morty game is going to be my Kryptonite. The flashing lights, the satisfying sounds, my rat brain pushing the button to get things in the hole.

  12. Can't wait to see some of these games in the wild

  13. Oh always love the Iappa videos and seeing what is gonna be in the wild soon! Is it just me or was it early this year?

  14. I always love the IAAPA videos so much love seeing all the new games.
    Thanks for another amazing video

  15. Yesssss! I love your IAAPA videos! Excited to watch!!

  16. A couple of thirty something year olds acting like children in a arcade!-BUT I LOVE IT AND IT TURNS ME INTO A CHILD TOO! Great video guys!

  17. That bop-it arcade game was very cool
    Spongebob one too

  18. big IAAPA hype!!! you should keep going back every year forever, ya turds!

  19. Can you send me a llama plush I live in Arcadia California 600

  20. You 2 are hilarious. Spending the equivalent of $200 on the 2nd game – Over the Edge, and you get a dollar tree $1.25 plastic cat. Oh my goodness, we won. Can you believe it? You really took down the system. lol lol

  21. I played SpongeBob (the new one) at our round1

  22. I was a screaming “THE FLYING DUTCHMAN” at my phone over and over again 😂😂😂

  23. My round one actually already has that pirate SpongeBob game. It's quite similar to Pearl Fishery and avengers coin pusher just cheaper.

  24. I love iappa I'm a new influencer how am I able to go to iappa uf I want to come and vlog

  25. The Bop It game turns out is better than what I read about!

  26. you're voices sound like dipper and Mabel pines from gravity falls, and I absolutely love it!

  27. The bop it arcade might be the fastest and hardest bop it thus far. We already had the bop it button this year so i was really not expecting this. I can't wait for these to show up in the UK

  28. I always think of Gilmore Girls when I hear Bop It

  29. I have beaten bop it regular and bop it extreme

  30. The second one! The over the edge seems like a good compromise for everyone.

  31. Yk when I saw that Mlp toy from that machine I gasped cause I own one and they're the coolest things ever

  32. I'm confused why don't you keep what you win

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