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XBLA’s STUNNING Arcade Ports | Delisted and More!

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XBLA gave us some excellent ports of classic arcade games with brilliant presentations. In my opinion, the Xbox 360 is the best platform for playing these games today, especially when MAME is installed. Want more? Here’s part two:

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0:00 – Introduction
1:43 – Namco Ports
4:46 – Arcade Controller
5:20 – Konami Ports
7:23 – The Simpsons Game (Delisted)
7:59 – TMNT 1989 (Delisted)
8:19 – X-MEN: The Arcade Game (Delisted)
9:08 – Williams Ports
10:42 – Midway Ports (Paperboy and Tapper Delisted)
12:33 – Atari Ports
14:26 – Altered Beast
14:52 – Crazy Taxi
15:08 – Daytona USA (Now Delisted)
15:41 – SEGA Bass Fishing
16:11 – Sonic the Fighters
16:57 – Virtua Fighter 2
17:24 – Dragon’s Lair
17:51 – Metal Slug 3
18:22 – The Pinball Arcade (Delisted)
19:04 – R-Type Dimensions
20:17 – Closing Up

Background Music:
Jungle – Serious Sam 2 OST
The Carrot Juice Part 2 – Raving Rabbids OST
Royalty-Free Music by BENSOUND
Limelight – Perfect Dark Zero OST
Flying Battery Zone (Rearrangement) by John Tay
1AM – Animal Crossing GameCube OST
11AM – Animal Crossing GameCube OST
Hard Stages – Dr. Robotnik’s MBM OST

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  1. I loved the 360 days so much. Still one of my favorite systems

  2. good video but you need to research more, for example contra isn't delisted, you can still buy it today, and also play it on xbox one or series x|s through back compat

    Edit: even the pac mans you mentioned all not delisted, still purchasable and even playable on current gen which is really neat!

  3. I think the 2nd controller option is available in Robotron so that you can use 2 fightsticks together to emulate the twin stick gameplay

  4. Man this just makes me sad that none of these games are backwards compatible some of my favourite games were xbox live arcade games such as charlie murder and dust an elysian tale such good games def need to be either remastered or made backwards compatible

  5. Surprised the delisted XBLA port of the Capcom Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fighting game didn't get a mention-
    Amazing video btw, tho!

  6. Could you do a video on the indie games that were delisted Xbox 360 exclusives? Many of them were games involving the old Xbox Avatars

  7. I like how serious Sam 2 music fits to anything, but ss itself

  8. I know why the Midway/Williams games are delisted because the Midway Arcade Collection had these games on there except Tron because that is a licensed game from Disney.

  9. Some game feel different because they may be in 30 fps in original form and 60 fps in enhanced form.

  10. Wait…..The Simpsons Arcade and XMEN arcade was released on XBLA??!!! How did I miss that???
    I got the TNMT arcade game. So I was aware of Konami's offerings to some degree. I clearly don't recall them releasing those titles! I would of been all over those!
    And now I can't buy them because they're delisted and not available in any modern compilations…. BUMMER!

  11. Yea I just got an ad for the “cowabunga” collection. That’s why they are delisted

  12. I always buy shining force and shining force 2. I must have it on every console

  13. Hmmm…I was unaware of a TMNT arcade game that came out in '98.

  14. I thought you were going to at least rate those frames/bezels, given the name of the channel.

  15. Integer Scaling was the term you were looking for when it comes to sharp scaling. Knowing the consistent output (regardless of the LCDs output scaling) the console does should allow at least integer scaled output, though it even today isn't always a given for pixel-art games, retro or otherwise lol. For 240p originals (many console games) it's easier, tho with arcade ports it can get squirrely.

  16. Does anyone else hear him say "Rebel Taxi" when first talking about Crazy Taxi?

  17. I think most of the licenses or games were pulled because of things like arcade 1up machines.

  18. In the arcade remakes video, please include Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix. As implied by the name, its an HD remaster of SSF2 Turbo and I think its done pretty well.

  19. I think one of the worst XBLA releases is probably Sonic Adventure, they just use the PC port which was already ported from the GameCube, and those versions were already bad. Low res graphics, ugly lighting, terrible new stage collision and more just ruins this game. You’re better off playing the PC Steam release with mods, which in my opinion makes it look better than the Dreamcast.

  20. 15:00 – "Rebel Taxi's pretty cool"

    I was looking at my phone when he said that and it caught me offguard and I did a stupid laugh. Great humor as always.

  21. I thought it was intentional to kill the pterodactyl in Joust, giving you 1000 points

  22. • The arcade versions of Contra and it's sequel Super Contra are not actually delisted and you can buy them for either the 360 or Xbox One. They also go on sale frequently for around $2.50.

    • Many of the Namco XBLA arcade games have been delisted, notably Ms. Pac-Man. All of the games are included in "Namco Museum Virtual Arcade" and download code vouchers for XBLA Ms. Pac-Man are included in the "Xbox LIVE Arcade Game Pack" compilation released alongside some 360 models.

  23. While I can agree that Timepilot isn't a giant classic I do think its VERY underatted

  24. Where’s Doritos crash course 2.
    The last version and best of the Doritos crash course series
    Rip. May8 2013- october15,2014

  25. Can you pls play crash course 2 it’s Doritos crash course 2

  26. Can you Please tell me how you got that 360 and is there any way to get another cause I’ve been looking for one because I just wanna play Doritos crash course 2

  27. I never picked up X-Men or Simpsons before they were delisted. Oh well…

  28. The Pinball Arcade had more love on Xbox One, but due to the fallout, all Williams and Bally tables in addition to AC/DC are no longer available to purchase. As of now, Pinball FX and Zaccaria is all we have for legal pinball preservation that isn't a virtual pinball machine.

  29. make a updated video because Daytona USA will be delisted on February 7th 2023 😢i have got it last year when i did

  30. im very surprised the xbox 360 version isnt as sharp as the ps4i cant any reason why that would be

  31. The turtles in time hd remaster is just awfull
    Capcom did good job with final fight

  32. Nah, The Simpsons arcade from backbone has poor sound emulation

  33. Happy to say I have all these delisted on my modded 360. Yes it sucks everything’s on a time limit, such is life. I’m sure emulators will take over once the hardwares gone. I’ve been playing on it more than my series X.

    Audio on the Tron arcade port is pretty off and bad sounding though it plays fine. Nevermind you caught that.

  34. So sad that a lot of these have been unlisted. I've recently been playing Asteroids on PS1 that's been a lot of fun. The crazy graphical effects on the 360 with Evolved make me happy as a fan of the Geometry Wars series. Lots of good stuff here!

  35. You can still kill the pterodactyls in later revisions of Joust, but it's extremely difficult, requiring a pixel-perfect collision with the mouth. The bug in the original release was that you could stand on the middle platform and pterodactyls would fly straight into your lance, allowing players to farm unlimited points (and lives) if the last remaining normal enemy had been captured by a lava troll.

  36. At 18:00 From what I've heard, the Metal Slug 3 version for the original Xbox has no slow down, making it the hardest version of Metal Slug 3 because you don't get the advantage of slowdown to dodge enemy projectiles

  37. Astropop is actually really good I highly recommend it

  38. i need to get zn x box.playststion has nothing like this

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