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X-Men: The Arcade Game (Konami) (1992) Full Playthrough

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X-Men: The Arcade Game (Konami) (1992) Playthrough/ Gameplay

1:30 Stage 1
4:44 Stage 2
10:22 Stage 3
13:05 X-Men Welcome to Die
14:54 Stage 4
19:44 Stage 5
25:02 Stage 6
28:52 Final Stage
34:04 Final Boss


Button bashing, this game calls for it. Obviously, one input controls four characters, doing this in MAME is always fun…

In response to the negative comments – Yes, this video isn’t supposed to be a skill showcase or anything similar (far from it) – it was one of my first recordings when I was playing with the settings to use Fraps with MAME. It didn’t take any effort, I spent 37 minutes (and a few more hours converting/uploading) doing it, I didn’t care and still don’t care much for it, but for some reason it got a lot of views.


If you want to see a very good one-coin playthrough of this game, check out this (not mine)


  1. Saudades deste jogo… conheci quando era criança, no Arcade

  2. I can definitely recall playing this on an arcade. And from what I remember these games are hard to beat, the only thing able to defeat this game is a big amount of coins. The more you have the more powerful you are.

  3. This and the simpsons is where my quarters went too, good times

  4. cyclops Wolverine storm colossus dazzler Nightcrawler ..
    this game is in early my childhood.
    love it
    and feel get back to that time.

    thanks for upload this

  5. This game should have been made for Super Nintendo home console!!! I played this game to death in the arcades!!

  6. My favorite part of the game is where professor X sees Magneto on TV smiling at the start of the game.

  7. I never understood these 3 things. 1 why do lose life for mutant power. Should of been a recharge meter. 2. Why did juggernaut have a gun and could be hurt by their puny powers lol. 3. Why is wolverine sparking off laser blast lol. Still, I loved this game as a child.

  8. I played the 6 player version of this at Fantasy World arcade in Abilene Texas as a kid, still love this game.

  9. It took me way longer than it should have, to realize you're controlling all 4 characters.

  10. Any of tokens where lost at this game lol

  11. Imagine if you were Pyro and you just saw a robot hurtling towards you and four of the X-Men strutting up to you in fucking synchronised formation. You'd fucking die.

  12. I used to spend my whole allowance on this game

  13. Is this for a certain system or Arcade playing???

  14. Dude this and Street Fighter 2 were some of the best arcade games when I was kid!!

  15. I remember beating this and then seeing the game said it wasn't over. Beat it again only to find out it was the same thing over and over.

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