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X-Men: The Arcade Game (Arcade)

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This is the full cheated play-thru of X-Men: The Arcade Game for the Arcade (MAME)
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  1. Finished this game in 1996 playing with Wolverine.Unknown people helped me out, but i stood there till the end,Defeated Magneto twice !! First Magneto was Mystique.  Yeah Boy !!!

  2. Finished this game in 1996 playing with Wolverine.
    Unknown people helped me out, but i stood there till the end,
    Defeated Magneto twice !! First Magneto was Mystique.  Yeah Boy !!!

  3. WELCOME TO DIE!!!!!!

    Sorry, couldn't resist. ^^;

  4. Somehow, this game reminds me of both Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time and The Simpsons Arcade Game.

  5. Skipped through alot but never really saw her mutant abilities other than the initial bomb thing which made it rather dull.

  6. When I'm playing this game, you can count on me playing as either Wolverine or Colossus, maybe Nightcrawler. I've seen one fight escalate to see who DIDN'T have to play as Dazzler on the 6-player cab. It was a good fight. The challenger stood like this, but not for long.

  7. Damn i thought this game was awesome when I was a kid.  It sucks now.

  8. Saturday mornings when I was about 11 or 12 my dad would take me to the mall, buy a huge cup of hot chocolate from the coffee place and let me have a a few bucks to play an arcade game. I always ended up at this game playing as Nightcrawler or Wolverine.

  9. This arcade game used to set in the lobby of a Mr. Gatti's pizza joint in Madison, Tennessee. you'd be sitting there and the game's intro would grab you and you'd just have to play it, lol. long before the next gen consoles we have today, we just had nintendo and if you were wealthy, you'd own a Sega instead. Always thought the graphics were top notch (for that era) I'd blow 3 bucks easily every time i went there on this game. wished i had this in it's original arcade cabinet in the mancave.

  10. This was not how it went when i played it , at the end you had to fight all the bosses at once plus magneto.

  11. I remember playing this game at "Chucky Cheese" religiously every time I went there because it was epic! and my Mom was always like "Why do you play that game if it gives you win no coins" lol aww the feels lol

  12. The gameplay was good, but the music made my ears bleed.

  13. Back when Konami used to be awesome until they were greedy.

  14. I love how Emma Frost/White Queen sounds like a cackling witch Halloween decoration when she laughs.

  15. What do you do when you go to an arcade with five other friends and want to play the same game together? Trick. Six player Final Lap? Ok, but no too many arcades have, do they? Even four player games like Gauntlet, Gauntlet II are a bit thin on the ground nowaways. Well, now Konami has the answer – a six player beat-em up called X-Men.

  16. How did you get this to run so well? Trying to play on SNES classic w/ Hakchi, but it's so choppy and unplayable with mame2010.

  17. "Who the heck is Dazzler?"
    VideoGaming4U: I'll show you.

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