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WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game REVISITED (Arcade & Every Port)

Wrestling Bios
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Twitter:Another look at WWF WrestleMania The Arcade Game, this time looking at the arcade version in-depth along with EVERY port released on home consoles.

Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Doink, Bam Bam Bigelow, The Undertaker, Yokozuna, Razor Ramon and Lex Luger are all selectable in WrestleMania The Arcade Game (with the SNES version missing 2 characters). The game uses digitized character sprites to bring characters to life, matches are completely over the top, yet the game is also a whole lot of fun. This video goes into further detail on Midways unique take on WWF action. Summon your inner hero: revenge of death adder. Rediscover the magic of 8-bit glory!



  1. Jealous of the arcade cabinet. Would definitely like to see it once you finish!

  2. Never liked this one. I was a Wrestlefest guy in the arcade. I think, but may be wrong, that Wrestlefest was replaced by this in my local arcade.

    Just play Mortal Kombat instead of this.

    I don't play Mortal Kombat when I feel like playing a wrestling game, which is the problem with this game.

  3. Had this on the ps1 and had an arcade style controller

  4. NGL for some reason when I saw the title for this video I initially thought it was a reference to "McMahon in every corner"….

  5. My friend and I would play this game and both pick Doink and alternate using the hammer on our opponents, beat everyone with the same move

  6. I don’t know why anyone would of grown up with this particular one in their house. The new generation was early 90s and arcades in general we’re going out you could play this same exact game on the sega genesis. But I remember a friend of mine had the 80s games in his house and it was cool

  7. Undertaker, Razor and Doink (believe it or not, he has rediculous range…)

  8. I'll wait for the next video in 2 years.

  9. Played this first on the Genesis, and the amazing thing was, WWF Royal Rumble & Raw were great games, this was the first game where the wrestlers finally played completely unique from each other in every regard, even down to the pin animations. And the over the topness was so much fun. Do wish people like Diesel, Owen Hart and such could've made it in. I also would enjoy the PS1 version later on and of course mainly play the MAME version now.

  10. I was blown away by how little effort was put in to In Your House. I had only played Wrestlemania (both in arcade and on PS1) and I never knew of IYH until I started collecting PS1 games again around 2010. I was really pumped for it. But I was surprised by the just dingy look of the graphics, although I did love the stages, and "Tri" was a selectable character and it also featured plenty of Destrucity, so theres that.

  11. I played Superstars, but didn’t get to try this one. It looks so “Mortal Kombat”

  12. That’s odd when I played this in 97 and Hbk there was a video game type version of his song always playing in game ps1

  13. Maybe it was in your house I’m thinking of

  14. one of the only things i have in common with Wrestling Bios: Maining HBK in Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game.

  15. I was never into these games as a kid, i tried it at the arcade once and literally as you said, I had no idea what I was doing soI just felt like I had wasted a quarter. But, years later I gave the games a try, I got a legitimate Saturn copy, and heres my thing with Saturn vs PS1: Generally, Saturn ports always were better when it came to arcade games because Sega itself had a solid share of the arcades at the time with their amazing AM2 cabinets. The reason I think this game specifically is unfair to call worse than PS1 is, basing it on the difficulty. Yes the game is harder per difficulty setting, but does that actually make a game worse? In a way, doesn't that make Saturn better because it gives a higher level of possible challenge? And you can just drop it to Easy if you don't want the challenge.

  16. Killer – can’t wait to see pics of your arcade 1up machine. I’m probably gonna do the same thing

  17. loved this game when I was a kid wrestling and mortal kombat in one would be brilliant to see a mod of this game with a bigger roster and more match types fatality style moves

  18. This was legit one of the greatest wrestling games of all time! Man, I loved this game growing up lol. My characters were Razor Ramon and Lex Luger.

  19. I noticed Shawn Micheals is chewing gum! That’s quite the attention to detail! I had the SNES version and I don’t think it showed.

  20. imagine if this was a simulation wrestling game with more wrestlers. it would be a top 5 game all time. especially back then.

  21. I have the full arcade version on my phone too. Was playing it again today. Still my fave wrestling game ever! ❤

  22. Wow I’m playing it right now. It is super fun when u get the hang of it

  23. Haha Great! I wish this game came out earlier, me and my pals wouldn´t have broken so much controllers by button mashing in the older wrestling gmaes xD

  24. i watched a video of snes and genesis comparison of this game and these dudes gave snes the winner lol i feel too many of these guys grew up with snes and are biased.

  25. I beat this game in its arcade form and on the SNES.

  26. This is what the guys at OSW sounded like to me the first time I watched one of their videos.

  27. Sega ftw! Guna pick this up for the saturn

  28. Can you please link what I need to have this game run on my 1up cabinet? Thanks in advance!

  29. Can really see this was towards the end of the mega drive cycle. To handle these graphics.

  30. This reminds me of In your house for Ps1 ….. Was also from Acclaim…Very Arcadian…. Announcer voices include Lawler and McMahon…. Same fatality like finishers with big ass image of IYH logo you can smash over your opponents head like a steal chair… Lots of fun 🎉lkn fwd next Nitro vs Raw ❤… Basically same characters… Vader was in there… Few yrs early fon Kene😢

  31. My guess is Nintendo only put it out to keep consumers from switching to another system… Maybe not just for a single game…. Collectively maybe

  32. Definitely one of my all time favorites ❤

  33. Man I love this game so much I played the hell out of it I also really loved the WWE immortals I hate that they took it away I really wish There was a way to get it again

  34. I really hope Arcade 1 up make a cab of wrestlemania that the only arcade game the WWE can rereleased because they have the right of all 8 wrestler !!!

  35. Personally i didnt like this game at All.
    For some reason the LJN games were more wrestling and this is more like mortal kombat.

  36. I had this on snes. I mastered the six characters I had. I loved this game. None of my friends wanted to play against me

  37. I've had only the snes version and i am blown away finding out now…like 25 years after i got the game, that there were 2 more playable characters…i also had the raw version and like it more because there were more playable wrestlers but this game was way more fun. Didnt know that yoku and bam bam were in it until today 😀

  38. I hated this game as a kid. I loved the 16 bit wwf games.

  39. Dude Wrestling Bios, Do you realize you answer every question I have lol! I was so curious between the 32X, PS1 etc…. Your awesome! I was thinking of myself gosh I have so many questions but it's great I didn't even have to ask any of them and you just answered all of them lol

  40. WrestleMania the arcade game is a freaking

  41. As a 6 year old with a snes back in the 90s… even though its considered the worst port it got wayyy more play time from me than probably any other of my games and that includes the heavy hitters like mario and donkey kong

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