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WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game Longplay (Arcade) [4K]

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Developed and published by Midway in 1995

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Of all the (retro) licensed wrestling games I’ve played, I still consider this to be the absolute pinnacle. Even in an age where 3D was becoming all the rage, the quality and clarity of Midway’s digitisation techniques really shine here. Being able to recognise your favourite wrestlers, complete with costumes and attire, is vitally important, and that couldn’t really be achieved with 3D at the time.

Midway also nailed the gameplay, capturing the feel of the live bouts. Each wrestler has a roster of standard kicks, punches and throws, plus quite a number of special moves. Learning the combinations to unleash devastating combos, not to mention reversals to prevent yourself ending up face-first in the canvas, are vitally important, and is perhaps the one criticism I have of the game; with 5 buttons and so many moves, games more often descend into bouts of button mashing and furious stick waggling than demonstrations of serious skill.

Gripes aside, this really is a great arcade game. Slapping opponents silly, accompanied by play-by-play commentary from the ringside colour commentators, is great fun and highly recommended!



  1. Why didn't you go down the stage and grab some chairs?

  2. Doink is always my nemesis. He always uses his stupid fat feet & hands.

  3. No body messes with the bad guy. (Razor Ramon)

  4. Ебашили на Сеге еще на черно-белом телевизоре было время..

  5. This will be how WWE 2k22 roster will look

  6. Игра улёт, управление тока надо заучииь

  7. I have to say 8 choices is more enjoyable. 60 players is too much.

  8. Bam Bam was taking more slaps to the face than Christy Mack…………………

    I'm sorry.

  9. А почему без комбо ?

  10. I loved going to the arcade to play this!! The console versions didn't compare to the arcade version.

  11. These are the most realistic characters I have seen in the wwe games

  12. Rats they never revealed in the credits who played those gifted and talented actors.

  13. It's fitting the final ending is Undertaker vs. Undertaker.

  14. So many nights spent on my ps1 playing this. The feels

  15. Wow I remember this!! I had it on Super Nintendo!!

  16. This was basically Mortal Kombat with WWF/E characters. It was fun, nonetheless not a wrestling game imo.

  17. Yeahh Top game mfg daweedo dave 😊😊😊

  18. WWF in your house
    I guess that's the name printed on CD

  19. This is basically mortal Kombat lol

  20. I'm just now realizing after all the smoking mirrors and hype clear, just how terrible this game is, but still a classic too

  21. Damn. I Really like that game and I played WWF WrestleMania Arcade when I was a kid. I wish they need more WWF wrestlers like Diesel, The 1-2-3 Kid, The British Bulldog, Owen Hart, Sycho Sid, King Mabel, and Jeff Jarrett to make it like Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 with more characters and NBA Jam Tournament Edition with more NBA Players.

  22. Imagine if that Undertaker sprite was a playable character in MK2

  23. On my god! I remember this game, this shit was hard as fuck.

  24. This performs better than most WWE games in the last two decades lol

  25. I don't understand why they can't use these photo realistic graphics and put them in a modern game.this was like 93 and the graphics look better than anything now

  26. You better like handicap matches if you want to win this game.

  27. How i wish its on switch. Really played alot of this.

  28. When the old classics are still more fun to play then the new stuff

  29. I always thought that fatality-esque thing where he puts them in the tomb was just a urban legend guess I was wrong. Mind blown!!

  30. This was boring I was here for Shawn Michaels ❤️ I’m glad they all retired lol

  31. Hi! I am TOP player in WWF, we are play online! We have wwf on fightcade and emulator MAME. We are seek a new and good player's! If you have interest – welcome! Best skill in world , good wrestling, and more fun! Welcome guys!

  32. I used to smash with taker the same way, the choke slam charge!!

  33. Dude. I had no idea that casket thing was a thing. Mind blown.

  34. Just need to add a 'Finish Him' feature and it'd like Mortal Kombat and the WWF had a baby.

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