Work smarter not harder -

Work smarter not harder

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  1. Why didn’t he just grab the orange💀💀

  2. Guy has a "I love joe biden" shirt. What a loser

  3. literally the second short from this guy with the same tape over his own claw machine going for different objects than in the first one… I cant click do not recommend fast enough.

  4. ya, if this was real, that wouldn't be legal to have the machine rigged like that

  5. Its rigged because its urs …what bout the roller door

  6. I’d reach my hand up the machine and break the tape

  7. Yeah woody will definitely be heavier than the iPhone 😂

  8. Bro they could have at least made it convincing that it was not rigged

  9. That money is more fake than this claw machine

  10. Spending real money to get fake money

  11. I’d have busted the glass and took all the money out of it! You cheat me, you get whatever I give you!!!🖕🏻💩🤡

  12. Wow, a claw machine that actually holds on to the things it grabs?! Here in the UK the machines are ACTUALLY rigged because they release their grip every single time it gets back to the top. You can try 50 times and pick up the same toy every time and it will drop it every damn time.

  13. This is why you should Cary a pocket knife people😂

  14. The manager is the guy in the bed in your bedroom. Yeah rigged😂😂😂

  15. You can just go under the whole that has the stuff and take the money…

  16. U rich man but I would of dropped the phone

  17. The inside might be taped but that’s the strongest claw machine I ever seen

  18. If those were real, somebody would have robbed it ages ago.

  19. And where's this r k machine at what place is this I need the name

  20. Glass broken accidentally and I retrieved my winning prizes

  21. those grabbers look far more robust and stronger, the ones in UK can barely pick up a feather

  22. Does your mom know you are making videos in her basement 😒

  23. The Fake money says motion picture use only

  24. In reality who’s gona play that in breaking it idgaf

  25. “I ‘accidentally’ grabbed more money” says nobody ever 😂😂😂😂

  26. When you buy a claw machine to make your own videos and pretend to be some sort of arcade customer.

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