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Won The String Cutting Arcade Game Major Prize! #shorts

Mystery Matt
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I won the major prize from a string cutting arcade game then this happened when I went to get the prize…

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  1. Yeah, but then that’s a really big beanie prize you got so lucky plus next time take the chair with you so you can like carrot easier or next time cut the camera like earlier

  2. Why is this dude 40 dressing 16 😂😂😂😂

  3. We have something like that in the arcade down the road from me and they actually attached a piece of Clare fishing wire so that even if you do cut the string the prize won't fall because it's a money grab

  4. I went to an amusement park with one of these with a ps5 in it

  5. That sign is for me I would definitely take the chair and the price 🤣

  6. My oldest son won 10000 tickets on one of those machines

  7. Bro looks like hes in his late 30s and has that justin beiber haircut wtf.

  8. I was expecting a person to kick you out but it was a different story

  9. Keep your kids away from this dude

  10. ought to be nice sitting next to the bed in mom's basement.

  11. This is what it looks like when we have an entire generation that has absolutely nothing to offer society

  12. this is the dumbest video ive ever seen🤡

  13. Gotta be a man cave arcade. That arcade is dead asf. Ain't nobody in that bich

  14. You know some dipshit would walk off with that chair .

  15. Probably has thousand pound fishing line in the middle for the last string 😂

  16. You ever watch an entire short, hate it, casually skip to the next, but have to go back and dislike the last one because it was that dogshit? Yeah, that’s this video

  17. I wanna know how many times that chair got swiped for them to have to put that sign up

  18. You look like 10yr old in a 40yrs old man's body…. Can't explain it…

  19. Some days, you just choose violence 👍

  20. you hit yourself in the face with a stuffed horse and made it a video. wow . who are your videos targeted towards? 6 year olds?

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