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Won The RAREST Card at Spongebob Arcade Game Then THIS Happened…

Arcade Matt
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I play the new Spongebob arcade game trying to win ALL the cards for the super bonus of 2000 arcade tickets! This Spongebob marble pusher game has cards to collect and many ways to win arcade tickets including a bonus wheel. Push the cards and chips over the edge to win them and collect all cards including the RARE Flying Dutchman card! I played this new Spongebob Marble Pusher Arcade Game then something unexpected happened at the end! Can We Profit?!



About Arcade Matt:

I make arcade videos! My passion started with the claw machine or crane game as they’re called and continued to arcade ticket games. I also play games that give major prizes like Stacker and Keymaster. The coin pusher is also another favorite and some have unique prizes on the edge to win. On some games I even show arcade hacks and how to win more arcade games. I also play carnival games winning big prizes! I usually cash in all of my arcade tickets for a prize, some I even unbox! It’s a mystery! Lets have some fun and Lets play!

Won The RAREST Card at Spongebob Arcade Game Then THIS Happened…

Arcade Matt


  1. The special card is all the way at the bottom of the deck

  2. Heard the throw back 3756 in the beginning been watching since then love all the videos Matt


  4. Good Sunday Morning Arcade Matt, I finally had a chance to watch this video. I know you put it out 7 days ago, but hey! As the old saying goes: better late than, never. My wife asks me how I can watch these Arcades game since I'm 61 years young, I love watching you videos, in fact your the only arcade I'm subscribed to, I watch casino games, and fitness videos since I've worked out for over 44 years. This was very entertaining, and fun watching you play in this video, good luck Matt, keep them coming!🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀👍👏👊

  5. Hi Matt my name is Teresa I am from Phoenix az

  6. Honestly id just collect the cards!! they´re cool by themself

  7. where im from its squidward and spongebob

  8. Every time you get NO JACKPOT you eat a GHOST PEPPER

  9. What if you try to complete The Startex card collection

  10. arcade, Matt the video keeps freezing man

  11. The lip is definitely so the balls don’t just roll off due to momentum.

  12. At 3:06 it literally says he had $585.22 on that game card. That is alot more than 50$

  13. Awesome video as always!!! You’re too cute

  14. If the lip wasn’t there, all the gumballs would roll off lol. Unfortunately, it also makes the cards on the edge slide backwards.

  15. I honestly think with a little more focus that the big win can be hit quite a bit. Seems like a good ticket farming game tbh

  16. Matt: that’s a lot of balls
    Me: that’s what she said

  17. I played the SpongeBob game it was fun and easy to get the spin wheel got around 6000 tickets

  18. A $60 plush for only 3000 tickets? Awesome. That is a deal and a half, as Carson would most likely say.

  19. The arcade changed it,if u notice the edge is lifted enough to make card hit glass which pushed crd back,ez way for arcade to make $ on game

  20. Why do u keep doing these if you dont know what they are

  21. just played for the first time and we started with 12 plays…seemed pretty low, any idea how many you should usually start with?

  22. Honestly, I think I would've kept all the cards and taken them home to add to my collection haha, Great video!

  23. It just got to me, you look like Jerry Seinfeld

  24. This machine is at my local arcade and this is the easiest pusher game to get the bonus spins. Once you the get timing it is almost automatic

  25. BROO that’s like 5 minutes from my house lol, not sure if you saw the one scissor machine but it’s completely rigged, the cutter either goes over or too short, never hits

  26. I swear if I had this kind of arcades where I live I'd be broke loll

  27. Played tonight and I’m ALMOST there 😩 just need Dutchman and Squiddy 🏴‍☠️ hopefully next time I’ll find it them

  28. This is my fav arcade game I went to Florida during the summer and they had this machine and I was stacked with cards and chips

  29. Imma say you did not profit profit that plushy isn't the same its a third party licensed not a true Nintendo yoshi

  30. My grandparents live like 10 minutes away from there.

  31. 15:10 I would want one of those Mr potato head plushies. They are only 825 tickets, which is pretty cheap.

  32. this is my favorite game to win tickets at!

  33. We have several of the Flying Dutchman cards from getting them here in UK. They are nice and goid seeing you have them in the US now.

  34. My towns small crappy arcade has been updating and changing there games the got the regular version of this they need to get this one also be a big hit like the original

  35. So thanks to this video I learned that my set of this original inst complete I'm missing some of the different designs and the flying Dutchman so it's weird how Gary is the rarest amd with this one the flying dutchman is rare and theres differnt designs

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