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Trying to win a Play Station 5 in Giant Claw Machine!

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iPhone X Winner:

iPhon XS Winner: DARK WORLD …
Iphone XR Winner:

iPhone 11 Pro Winner:
… Joystick:

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  1. In my country u can buy a car with the price of a ps5 n xbox serious x

  2. bruh dropped it soo much he won a damaged ps5

  3. I hope your channel continues to grow, please give me an i phone 12 pro max for my study and business purposes because my cellphone is broken, good luck to your channel, thank you and greetings from Indonesian subscribers🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. i think would really not worth win consoles from the machine if i knew the claw drop the console in that way on the floor

  5. There’s nothing in there. In real circumstances unlike this video, do people claim their prize or are they just screwed and it’s not real?

  6. Joystick maybe PS5 for from Santa Claus in Christmas wishes

  7. I hope this Christmas you will give me a ps5 as a gift because it's been my dream for almost 3 years and it's still my dream. love philippines.🇵🇭💙

  8. 😭🎮🥺😭🎮💵👎👎💵👎💵👎💵👎

  9. I did subscribe and the bell Can I give it thumbsup

  10. These type of machines are a scam the last time I used money on one was like when I was 6

  11. So does we all ignore the fact that the claw machine dropt the ps5 from around 0.70-1m ? 😅

  12. plus all of those drops even onto the plastic balls would have ruined the hard drive if was actually in there

  13. It’s funny that it’s even one of the prizes there

  14. The PlayStation 5 box is so big then the PlayStation 4 box at a arcade giant thing.

  15. Legend has it he spent 100+ hours on that ps5 grind…

  16. Why don't you buy one with your youtube money dumbass

  17. Bro it's like it opens up a little right before the top

  18. Please 🙏 can I have the ps5 I am ineed

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