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Claw Craziness
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Claw machine time! Today we go to the arcade and get some awesome wins on all the machines!


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  1. I really want it because I can't afford it I am poor

  2. Another good video Trev! Have a question though for future reference for when I play claw machines. At the 2:06 and the 3:13 mark after you tried winning the Yoshi and the Panda you said "Let's see if it opens" and the claw opened over the prize chute on the Yoshi machine, but it didn't over the Panda machine. What does that mean when the claw opens like that or stays closed? Is that a way to read the payout rate to see if it's going to be rigged the next time or? Oh and consider this my entry for the headphone giveaway. Thanks Trev!

  3. That magnet claw was pretty sweet! It's like Cut the Rope redemption game and a claw kind of combined.

  4. Oooooo nice wins! Those headphones are awesome

  5. That game is like Cut The Rope but that looks more easy. I have only won 4 times on Cut The Rope. :/ Keep up the great work!

  6. The dump truck game is tough. Cool video.

  7. Can you do a vid of some tips in those crane games. How can ya tell if one is rig or alright to play also… how do you twist the grapler ina certain position?

  8. Nice video, first time here, u have a new sub

  9. If I win I can finally charge my phone and listen to music again!!! 😂

  10. Seriously what is with those pandas and tigers lol

  11. Chim chiminy chim chiminy, chim chim, charoo.

  12. Trevor tbh youre my favorite outta you and Carson. 😅😅

  13. Nice video man gl everyone on the giveaway

  14. Wish I was as good at arcade games as you!!!

  15. Yes please would love some new head phones. Love ur show and TT.

  16. I Enjoy watching you play these games my husband and I won’t we were dating used to do it

  17. Did I win the headphones?! Sparty on guys!

  18. I like the old crane machine. I am old enough to remember those.

  19. At Racers Edge Burbank they have a UFO magnet game that has a UFO model that lights up and the prizes are major like Disney Land tickets, VR headset, GoPro etc BUT I cannot find ANY video on YouTube of anyone winning. I spent about $25 tonight trying to win at the god forsaken machine! Have you guys won anything from that type of machine?

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