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WON CASH from Mr. Vacuum Arcade Game!

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  1. Good luck and hope you can pick me for an iphone

  2. The business owner must be crying in pain.$1/play is too cheap if you could easily pick up the notes. If I were the owner, I would put $10/play.

  3. Where did you get WON CASH from Mr. Vacuum Arcade Game?

  4. I like how there's a difficulty rating for the color scale, yet each one was worth 100 bucks…. shady haha

  5. TOTAL BS ! How much does the place that owns these machines pay you to try to sucker everyone into playing them?

  6. The owner of this arcade game is the real winner.he is laughing all the way to the bank.

  7. So what if he is winning his own money who cares kid can still do it stop hating.keep pushing bro

  8. I learned a lot from watching your videos games.

  9. I Loved your video amhhh Can I have a chance to get your give awayss?

  10. May I have have an iPhone I love your vids

  11. It's bs trust me he ain't winning all that it's a fix 4 the videos

  12. i think they are close down that machine.. lol

  13. I don't have Instagram but I have followed you on here and watch your videos all the time I love the crane game and used to play all the time didn't win much but it was fun I'm 62 now and can't get out so I like to watch and see what you win

  14. That vacuum machine is outstanding, I wish I had your skills but at 78 I'd like to try my luck.

  15. I wish I could be like you win a lot of money and I phone x

  16. Love watching ❤️ I'm late as usual it seems and I have bad luck so y chances of getting a phone are not good ☺️🥺 . Love you love watching your energy and spirit . You keep at it and do very well in the end . Yayyy

  17. I really wish I could win something….I am on YouTube everyday

  18. Those security guards hassling u guys where probably picked last at kick ball in elementary. The establishment sets up the rules and their most likely more in their favor than yours but they don’t like you filming cause it DOES prove that you weren’t cheating and they have NOTHING to bluster about! But just consider the source like my mom always told me! Happy Gaming! Just have fun😊

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