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WON Apple iPhone 11 Pro from Flappy Bird Arcade Game!

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I win an iPhone 11 Pro from this flappy bird arcade machine!

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iPhone X Winner:

iPhon XS Winner: DARK WORLD …
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iPhone 11 Pro Winner:
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  1. In my phone My Flappy bird game highest score is 243 :>
    It's pretty easy for me

  2. Dont even saw people around them.? Fishy?!…anyway..he's just waiting for the next payout from youtube so he can buy another arcade machine…

  3. Did anyone one else notice its his arcade 😂

  4. Dude what kind of reaction is that? Yey "lets go" i did it. Like he have 10 iphones

  5. The pipes were wider when he won the large prize than the previous large prize stages. It looks like level 1 pipes were wider them level 2, but when he won it looked like level 1.

  6. when your mom says "the games won't get you anywhere"

    Guy in the video: 11:28

  7. Ye bro u are cool and once you give me an I phone I am 20 years old and l have no phone

  8. The floppy bird mechine has a secret locker key

  9. me: plays on this machine
    also me: have 5 destroyed iphones in my abused paper shredder

    also me: smashes the machine

  10. i once asked the vending machine: are you thirsty my friend
    and since he didnt respond i poured a liter of coke into it. It stopped working so i guess he wasnt thirsty anymore, but maybe hungry so i fed him a hamburger through the slot where you normally put your money or coins

  11. Wait why did you go for the key? You could have got all the prizes

  12. The last game had some really separated pipes so it was super easy, they changed the difficulty for that game.

  13. Where can I purchase a flappy bird machine?

  14. He played it so much she was time to pay out

  15. Me:can i j j just press this very red button

  16. The pipes for the last round were more open than the other times he played wtf you ain’t slick nigga we know that ain’t a real arcade that’s yo house

  17. At mine there was a PS4 Pro two iPads and two iPhone XS

  18. Your amazing moved nice to be home with you can 🥫 the election 😜😜😜 the election and then we

  19. Flappy bird is the most annoying and hardest game and u have completed wow just Wow

  20. Can we just appreciate this man from completing flappy bird the hardest game.

  21. i just want to say we need these machines in every country to competitive each others for price with blast of people watching ur skill, this ok too like on video for example would be cool do you think like me?

  22. It’s not rigging u it’s skill lol

  23. Is that a key that was below the phone? Like could’ve won the key then took all the prizes?

  24. iPhone 11 is broken when it fell

  25. Why does watching someone play make it seem so easy?

  26. if you would have actually won it you would be screaming not just saying i won it, it would be like I WON IT!!!!

  27. After that i woud have tried for the airpods as well

  28. It’s sad to see that these are now more of a game of luck then skill compared to when it was just skill (claw machines💀)

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