Winning Apple Watch for $8 from Arcade Game #shorts -

Winning Apple Watch for $8 from Arcade Game #shorts

Mystery Matt
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  1. Pays how much money but "I won it!!" 😉 (Winning is always a relative term).

  2. How many years in arcades would you need to spend to know all this? Screw the money, I'd want my TIME back…

  3. at least hire extras so it looks like a legit arcade store lol

  4. Do yall rember "matt132456" the good ol days i dont know if thats how you spell it

  5. Everybody gangsta until they take your apple watch, kick you out, and then deny you won it.

  6. Why do the scissors have handles? Nobody's handling them with their hands

  7. Could have shown you getting the Apple Watch 🤨😕


  9. this guy looks like he runs the arcade and makes these when there’s no customers

  10. Today I won solo beats 3 in a claw machine

  11. And then in the box is an android watch 😂

  12. You were at home in your basement where you have your own machines! STOP LYING!!

  13. I won an Apple Watch for 2 dollars from a claw machine

  14. Kannte auch einen Merlin, und er war der loyalste Freund überhaupt:)

  15. I hope you sold that thing immediately

  16. Takes 5x 100$bills onto the pocket

    Him: im out of money

  17. This is an actual arcade 😂 bro needs a new comment section

  18. "I'm literally out of money" says someone with 1.61 million subscribers

  19. America people are lucky unlike South Africa

  20. You can tell he owns this machine due to the string being an ordinary nylon one. Where every real arcade owner knows this machines manual says to only use replacent strings having atleast 1-4 titanium threads interwoven with the nylon

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