Win jackpot in arcade games | TikTok: @onlyjayus -

Win jackpot in arcade games | TikTok: @onlyjayus

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  1. I remember when arcades had actual games instead of gambling for kids

  2. Some cyclones are rigged to have a jackpot after 30 wins

  3. I once won the whack and win jackpot five times in a row in a local arvade and then next time it became impossible they edited the game

  4. This is off topic and I’m new to this channel so this is a question for people that been watching this channel for more then a couple of minutes but does Mr.psychology always post other people videos?

  5. I'm sorry great vid but the jump cuts are pretty fake.

  6. Hammer hack does not work, I went to Dave and busters today and at least at my location it didn’t hit it

  7. bro switched platforms to avoid being canceled

  8. For me, whack n win comes down to getting the light to slow on the closest 40 to the jackpot

  9. Yea a child ever go inside a claw machine

  10. Tysm im going to a party to chucky cheese so im using these tips

  11. The house always wins, all of those things are rigged.

  12. i’ll be using this for peter piper pizza haha we go every christmas eve sooo 💁🏽‍♀️

  13. I love playing that Whacking game because I get the jackpot every time 😂

  14. Mm yes. Just enter the claw


  16. Yes it all work except one thing the claw you just did that because there were two people open it for you for this bid

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