Win jackpot in arcade games | TikTok: @onlyjayus -

Win jackpot in arcade games | TikTok: @onlyjayus

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  1. Um yes another life hack … If u want money from the bank but u don't have any Account .. Just rob the bank 🙂 that simple !!


  3. how the frick do you get inside the claw

  4. How did you get into the claw machine 😧

  5. I love playing the whacking game cuz I'm able to get the jackpot every time by throwing myself across the room and landing on the button

  6. Except Mark Rober already proved that these games can be calibrated so that it only gives a jackpot a certain percent of times

  7. Guys this isn't the original this was stolen from onlyjayus

  8. Monster drop when it’s a late ball drop: AM I A JOKE TO YOU?

  9. 🤨 Getting inside a claw game machine that's cheating and stealing at the same time

  10. nig-nigeria what u think I was gonna say? says:

    Kid:Mom I won a toy it looks very realistic tho

  11. Im unsure if your a boy or girl, you sound like a girl but really act like a boy, hmmm

  12. Right, I hope you're compensating get for using her vids

  13. Me: currently searching google how to climb into a claw machine

  14. No… these are all luck games … the owner of the arcade can modify when you win

  15. Not your video, don’t take credit for it

  16. Disagree with the last one lol.

  17. Soo are was going to talk about how this Chanel is stealing content?

  18. Me: climbs in claw machine

  19. Onlyjayus wins cyclone
    Mark Rober: impossible

  20. I just can't with her..

    She's like that tall kid at school that hunches over so they seem smaller.. and there friend is like half there size.


  22. I have some tips to win the claw:
    Observe the pattern of weak grips and strong grips,there's usually pattern and observe the pattern until like 30 people have played it and then play when most of the people win after how many plays because the grip of the claw always changes and sometimes the side grab is weak but sometimes the front grab is weak and sometimes both the grabs are weak so the trick is just observing the pattern and following the pattern and play when the grip is strong in both front grab and strong grab,i learned all this from a channel called getsetflyfunda claw machine video,its in hindi but it has english subtitles,hope this helps

  23. The cyclone one is totally random, Mark rober built a super accurate machine to hit the button and it still didn't work, he then got hold of a manual for it stating that the operator can state how often they want someone to win the jackpot


  25. Cyclone literally has an option for the arcade owner to give jackpots like every 30 times played or whatever, there’s no skill at all, just a scam

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