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Will a credit card work on arcade games?

Arcade Warrior
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Today I’m back at the arcade to see if my credit card will work on arcade games. Will it work? Watch the video to find out!



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► Location: Rocky’s Big City Arcade

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Intro / Outro Music: “FIRE” by Jason Rayner (my brother)

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Will a credit card work on arcade games?

Arcade Warrior

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  1. "Tickets have been added to your credit card"

  2. You showed everyone your credit card without blurring it

  3. I Smashed my phone with a hammer for the like button

  4. Your arcades make millions of dollars because you know how to run that kind of business, lad.

  5. Tqs for support hyper king Telugu gamer love you

  6. You are super weird and also I hate the dab it's so cringey

  7. When Arcade Warrior gets on drugs before the video

  8. Plz take the tater tots are ready off plz because it’s annoying

  9. This is why you don’t drink Mountain Dew kids! Cuz you’ll end up like him 🤣

  10. This how many times he says LETS GO BABY!!!!


  11. That’s Right, it’s time to “do the dew”

  12. I’m surprised how this man can turn a 30 second experiment into an 11 minute video

  13. Here I’ll save u guys time, 8:30

    You can thank me with a like

  14. If you want to get 1000 on the milk jug, aim your ball really high so it can land into the jug. This works every time 😛

  15. Yeah your the best person ever im gonna give you a cool emoji😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  16. You could only watch this if you like maintain due

  17. Hi I just got off your morning morning I just got back right back to the office now I’m going back tomorrow morning I have nothing else

  18. I believe in on @thedarkwar on telegram because I always have deal with him and no red cap I bet him go get your cc from him now stop getting scam bye

  19. You made a mistake showing us your credit card number…

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