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why is this arcade game open world? – The Coin Game

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We’re buying fireworks and dumpster diving. This is awesome! Why would someone make this. Why? WHY?
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Game Grumps are:
Arin ►
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  1. Also I noticed a crap ton of tickets on the ground when he ran pass the sand game. Damn Arin is like an actual kid in an arcade so excited he forgets to collect his tickets after.

  2. Please keep playing!! You can explore the house and pawn shop and make money around the town.

  3. Instead of making new music I’ve sunk over 50 hours into this game

  4. it took Arin until 12:35 to READ THE DAMN SCREEN AND PRESS F. what is WRONG with him and reading instruction????

  5. Why is there a fucking AMMO COUNTER in the bottom right?!? We gonna shoot up an arcade? Very American.

  6. Me, wondering why dan didn't know what a lot lizard was….

  7. my god those are the KnightScope security robots! lol

  8. "fucker mother of god" – dan avidan, 2022

  9. Had so much fun watching BrutalMoose play this game and now I'm PUMPED to see GG take a whack at it

  10. anyone else catch dizzy bird having the same sound effects as dream daddy

  11. That final "All Robots Aruuuuu nevermind"

    We need more of this!!

  12. I love the fact Frankie is smoking at his fireworks shop

    Clearly love and humor is put into this game

  13. 28:10 I know this a reference to something someone help me out

  14. Dude I work in an arcade and we have literally all of these, like same names and everything Holy actual shit. I'm sh!ting and c*ming I'm so suprized at the accuracy

  15. I would love for them to check out the other arcades in this game

  16. the megadrop game, a great game, but the tickets got automatically added to the card probably

  17. As a trucker I can confirm lots do have lizards.

  18. I love this idea of having all this stuff outside of what the game is advertised as being just to explore and see what you can do.

  19. Please for the love of god take that ally girl out. She’s super annoying and it breaks away from the OG grumps playing. I watch it for them not for some random girl popping up now and again.

  20. This might be the greatest short playthrough I've ever seen, it's hilarious 😂

  21. An ad right when you convert your tickets… you mean boys 😂

  22. come back to this! there are so many more things for you to see! You need to explore more. 😉

  23. I really really like this game
    Holy crap
    I feel like I know this place, it’s so eerily familiar and oddly comforting

  24. the arcade has the exact layout that an old mr gaddies i use to go to had e.e

  25. I like that they call the town a hell scape like it isn’t just Burbank

  26. I don't play arcade games after me and my cousin as kids beat a stack game at a kfc and won an I pod but the box was empty and the owner claimed we didn't actually win because she wasn't there to see it and refused to give us an I pod even though we had the I pod box and other customers witnessed the win even her staff were on our side standing up for us but she still refused to give us the I pod so we ripped up the box so her arcade machine had no fake prize anymore until she bought a new I pod 😆😆

  27. not wNice tutorialle quarantine but how r u doing is that hard ?

  28. I haven't watched in forever, who's the person talking in the background?

  29. plz do another ep exploring th e outside world!!

  30. At the beginning when arin said 'i got the arcade carpet and rolled it out myself. That was back when i did things other than work all the time.' Im 25 and im already working all the time….its ass and i hate it but this damn video is playing through my earb7ds as i work my life away sad i cant watch it :/ but thank you game grumps for making this content

  31. happy birthday otis king… do you have any music by dugan nash.

  32. There's something strangely comforting about this game world. It reminds me of my childhood, except with less robots.

  33. Why was I so passionately upset that he never picked up the tickets from the sand shovel machine?

  34. I really want them to revisit this in survival mode

  35. the first half of this vid proves the TRUE best birthday is the one where you don't do what you're told.

  36. we need more episodes of this please. explore the world more.

  37. As a north west floridian who moved to texas awhile ago, this games town makes me feel right at home

  38. This is a great game, but Birthday Mode kind of removes the core gameplay loop of doing odd jobs and buying lotto tickets to make money and having to choose between fun arcade games or food so you don’t starve. It’s a bleak and fun little capitalism simulator.

  39. I like how Jory dances like an anime girl in the beginning

  40. I have never go from happy to sad so quick and it is hilarious 😂18:16

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