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Where Did This Mysterious Arcade Game Come From?

The Rabbit Hole
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The Legend Of Polybius… Where did it come from? Who was behind it?
Was it a government experiment?

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So, if you are ready,
Let’s go down This Rabbit Hole.
#polybius #conspiracy #mindcontrol

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  1. dam thanks for this i have to check my mame roms folder and make sure its not hiding in there

  2. Only legends know this short is reposted

  3. That was real event my cousins grandpa said he saw it couple of times and never heard before. He tells us it's not that famous those days. But he said he never seen it after sometime..

  4. rumors
    Say it was a supernatural event legends say arcade Appeal and disappear every red moon that’s just a theory I have

  5. This one possibly could be true, but we're fed so much crap, who really knows?

  6. As we sit on our phones that watch and listen to us for hours at a time!!!😳

  7. Why Chewbacca playing that arcade 🤨

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  9. Wait I thought this was a Creepypasta? I’m confused now

  10. Videos recommended at night:😨😰😈👿👽👻💀👹👽☠️

  11. We just seen this today, what the heck

  12. I have also heard that it did kill a little boy he had a terrible seizure and after that he died in the hospital 🤯😱😱😐😨🤯🤯 and that's why did took that piece of game away in the future to pro probably would put it back to torture again 😐😐🤯😱😱😱😱 scary huh I just don't want to mention it the name because I have heard that the FBI could be looking and YouTube been good actually would find out who's sending this message or comment and would follow that person and figure it out where the person lives and boy oh boy you got the FBI right behind your butt that's why I prefer to say the game then to say the name of the game also I'll call it like from the movie it like that anyways bye

  13. Don't worry, if there is any truth to this I'm sure that the CIA would be working very hard to try and blame it on Russia, or China, or Osama Bin Laden, or maybe even Aliens…… 👽

  14. i absolutely remember this game. this is crazy I never knew about this. I was a kid in the 1980s.

  15. This is real. Hecklefish did a great video on this and cia mind control.

  16. The way he does it in the end it’s like a loop

  17. Same with the clip of Mereana Mordegard Glesgov or Spongebob the red mist Episode, The information said if people watch the video something bad will happen to the one who watched it .

    Well i have watched the original episode before it get cuts to prove the conspiracies , But nothing happened as someone described the video is cursed and haunted.

  18. I have a feeling that whatever we see isn't true. The government is fooling us.

  19. what dude? this is not true at all. This game was made up on the internet in 2002, get you ish straight and don't watch this kids crap content

  20. This is a very good rabbit hole to go down! I have and very interesting! I absolutely agree with people in the comments CIA works with things that we take for granted

  21. This is why I’m so F’d up. Polybius. South East Portland. What did they do to us???

  22. The men in black are supposed to be hunting aliens

  23. Nobody gonna talk abut why a alien and chewbaka were playing video gamea

  24. Funny 🤣😁🤣😁
    Men in black with arcade games

  25. Hey I live in Portland ore-

  26. The minion black did not want to be conspicuous so they wore black suits into an arcade full of kids. Good idea😅

  27. Wasn't thus proven to be a marketing stunt. If it was the gov doing it they would be smart enough to just dress as technicians. The whole "men in black" trope came out of Roswell, which was a literally psyop, where the USAF and CIA convinced a guy he was in contact with aliens so they could throw the public and Russians of the scent of the aircraft they were testing

  28. I am surprised that this video isn’t blocked yet, I was able to watch the original version of the video in this context then of course a year later you can’t play it so you just have to believe this video is only dealing in facts

  29. I played pollybeans and still do, I haven't got laid since, THAT'S A REAL CURSE.

  30. Fun fact: theres a song based off of this game

  31. THIS IS A LIE!

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