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What’s inside an Arcade Machine?

What’s Inside?
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Let us know in the comments if you got to level 100 before Lincoln! Every 50 levels after 100 there are new magical character quests where you can win exciting and exclusive prizes like gold.

This Pac-man, Ms. Pac-man game was so much fun! They aren’t as hard to find as you might think. Vintage Arcade Machines are everywhere for sale, people just don’t think about it as much these days.

Check out the song we used, Pac-man remix here:

The winner for Pacman glass has been chosen and given out to Xavier from the UK. Thanks!

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  1. 3:56
    Haters be like: "That's what you get for destroying a piece of history!"

  2. What a wast.. I've wanted an Arcade game of my own for years.. And you just destroy something as nice as this… sigh…..

  3. dislike for destroy history what you teaching you kid even my boy said why he is destroyring it he shoudl give it to somebody 🙁

  4. those tvs save energy it could shock you if you touch it maaaaan …. i wouldnt say anything else i guess am just mad cus you destroyed it

  5. Hello, could you sell me the mother board of the arcade machine?

  6. Congratulations on achieving a high score at being an asshat.

  7. Hey dad remember that time we destroyed a piece of history. Yeah son you and me, U S A 🤟

  8. destructive idlot breaks a pac-man arcade machine just because he's ignorant….

  9. why is it ms pac man and the side says pac man?

  10. u broke my heart…as u broke this poor historical art peace

  11. You destroyed a piece of history for views. This video was completely pointless. I wish I could give more than one Thumbs Down.

  12. Wow that was worth way more than u know mate..leaf switches are very rare..could of got your son 7 new iPads for the price of sale of this Rare Pacman machine. Silly guy man..the CRT screen alone is worth 300 bucks alone..dumb man.

  13. It’s ms pac man actually because of the sides it only says PAC Man

  14. Severe burn in! Also those are transformers at the bottom.

  15. What a total muppet you are. Also a total disgrace and a disgusting role model to your kid.

  16. Honestly I would rather have the pad man machine than an iPad but I got an iPad lol

  17. Ah yes… taking a rare and desirable item that can sell for thousands of dollars and slicing through it with a buzz saw. Just seems like a huge middle finger to the millions of collectors that would love to have one… BuT iT StILl mAkEs A gOoD VidEo fOr KIds!!!1!

  18. I hope that other youtubers do not follow this obscenity to make views.

  19. hello I think this is an amazing video and can I have the Ms packman sign please

  20. What's Inside: Destroys Pac-Man arcade machine

    Also What's Inside: DOWNLOAD BEST FIENDS FOR FREE!!!

  21. Pathetic piece of sh-t dad.
    Poor kid will probably grow into a looser just like his old man.

  22. Why the hell would anyone do this? Could have just taken the back panel off with a screwdriver and kept the machine intact

  23. Just found this dumb malpractice of a video, you chainsawed a board next to a crt tubes, no protection whatsoever.

  24. Typical sassy dadda, face protection … scary for the bulbs… safety first… hahahaha you try to show you are a man in front of your kid? Go better iron the clothes and make the dinner you are ridiculous and pathetic.

  25. That copper coil is called a deflection yoke. I learned that in high school electronics class. 1973.

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