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WHACK N WIN! Hack 👾 #shorts

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  1. No cap it works my friend Dan did it first try like 2 hrs ago at Frankies 😂

  2. CAP, because every machine is set different. from strength needed to hit, to randomized strength every play, to string length… so no, this isn't universal among all of these games at all.

  3. I’ve done this too many times to know this works

  4. Naaaahhhh you have to drop it sorta hard hard like your lightly throwing it ive tried and it worked

  5. I got it 3 times In a row once from doing it normally

  6. It will work but each arcade owner can choose the difficulty on it. What are Dave & Buster's the one on the left works better than the one on the right for us far as paying out more jackpots.

  7. No it does work you need to drop it at a exact height and angle

  8. You have to make it so that you can’t lift it up any more. The string needs to be fully stretched out.

  9. It only works depending on the machine your using. The hammer string can be shorter or longer. And the sensitivity for when you hit the machine with the hammer

  10. Your supposed to do it at a 90 degree angle

  11. I tried it and it worked on the first try!!

  12. Bro I literally tried it it works 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ bro just doesn’t wanna show how dum he is 💀💀😭😂

  13. Actually, it has to do with skill and precision. I tried a few times and I won the jackpot

  14. I recently went to an arcade and tried this hack. I won the jackpot 3 times using this method. You literal scammer.

  15. You have to put it on a 90 degree angle

  16. so whats funny is that its true its just you dont drop it you just push it down and I won the jackpot 3 times

  17. You have to put it in between 90 Angle's to make it work

  18. sounds like skill issue 🤷‍♂️

  19. You need to point it at a 90 degree angle

  20. Different arcades have different lengths of ropes for the mallet

  21. You need to Hit perfectly in the middle thats all you dont need power

  22. Everyone saying its not cap it is he only won 5 tickets he didnt win the jackpot like the first video

  23. They're all different sensitivities. It may or may not work, but it still has a payout rate. Overall, likely it won't lol.

  24. I tried that before and I always didn’t get the jackpot

  25. Let’s see how many of us are here because of Bella or Jayus

  26. Lol it actually worked for me. Just going by 2 hammers in height than droppin it.

  27. It doesn’t works on every machine, it depends on the sensitivity of the machine which is different!

  28. Bro this is fake I’ve tried it it doesn’t work at all

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