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We Repair an Original Target Terror Arcade Game… then Test Play It :)

Joe’s Classic Video Games
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That’s right, we fixed our OTHER Target Terror…. See the first one here:

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  1. According to the KLOV entry the gold version has additional bonus rooms.

  2. just did some research for you. You should be able to use a SSD or CF card

  3. as far as the sound goes I would test it with a regular Windows installation and see if you get sound

  4. Excellent work! I like your concern for the preservation of recreational electronics into the future, as well as documenting your troubleshooting along the way.

  5. I'm making my own arcade from scratch kinda. I use a Raspberry Pi running RetroPie, but all the artwork I designed myself and my mum and her partner helped with building the cab, but if you have Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or SnapChat I can show you what I mean.

  6. It’s been a long long time, but wasn’t there a bios setting for ac’97 on a lot of boards which affected sound?

    The other thing may be to burn a Linux iso or create a usb drive to boot from. Could be used to get information such as what hardware is detected (even copy the contents off an attached hdd). May also help in testing things like sound.

    Other more knowledgeable people may be able to expand on this.

  7. The difference between the regular game and the gold version: A thousand bucks for a USB dongle

  8. What I want to know is what the women bystanders were doing in the men's bathroom at the airport. 🙂

    It's not just arcade games that pull that BS with locked down systems…I see it with scientific equipment we get at work that comes with a "PC" preconfigured by the company. They're always locked down and made proprietary in some way. Best part is when the OS gets too old, you ask for an updated version of their software that's using Windows 10, and they tell you it'll be like $10K.

  9. Ron, great to see another game saved from the scrap pile. This game was made around the time of the 2004 election. I noticed one of the screams when you shot the bad guys, sounded like that infamous scream from Howard Dean he made on the road that essentially killed his Presidential campaign! 🤣
    Hello from Phoenix Arizona!🔥

  10. Don't you just hate throwing parts at a problem? I run into this all the time on my old car I play around with. Good job and thanks for taking us along with you.

  11. Whats the BIOS flash Rev. number and is the CPU/RAM good?

  12. very possible for the BIOS version and its common for audio chips-sets to change with board Rev. changes.

  13. That would have been great of they did have a sequel. Great work always love your videos.

  14. Love how you include some game play. Great video

  15. Great video Joe, thanks for sharing! I'm helping a friend fix a terminator salvation from raw t. And we are running into similar issues of picky hardware.

  16. maybe adding a ferrite on the audio jack will remove the noise from the speakers

  17. Another great video featuring an awesome videogame which I now wish I played. Hopefully in your future videos, maybe you can turn off autofocus when placing the camera on the tripod to play the game. Thanks Ron!

  18. Joe's Classic, You were getting a CMOS checksum error, what causes CMOS checksum errors mostly?so if you bought another mother board that its the same revision will it work or not? If you bought another sound card that is the same brand and same model sound card it won't work because each sound card it has a different code built into the sound card?

  19. Great video thank you! Hey so how does this thing shut down & restart without a corrupted hard drive if the a.c. is cut?

  20. The original motherboard uses the VT823*5* southbridge chip where the two replacement boards you tried had VT823*7*s. I think that's what got you. I could be wrong but I think you can change the audio codec chip because they all talk standardized languages and are handled by the southbridge not directly by the operating system, but you can't change the southbridge as that is talking directly with the OS and the drivers that Windows uses will be different. Even if they could work with the same driver the chips will have differing device IDs so (unless you force it to in device manager) Windows will think it can't.. So close yet so far 🙁

  21. any chance the sound is disabled in the bios?

  22. For the mother board it will be a matter of what audio chip it uses. so the software can load the drivers for it.  In the past I had arcades working on boards that were not meant for it simply knowing what audio chip it has.  So it is just matter having the right hardware that the software is looking for. As you found you had the right video card.

  23. AMD + MSI + NV MX4xx = death box walking. you can help survive these heat traps by blowing a fan across everything. As a seasoned computech, if that were not required to drive an arcade cab, it would be trashed. even back in the computer's hayday that combo was a computer cluster Fuq but was cheap.

  24. I'm a bit late watching this one. I've been waiting to see this second Target Terror up and running. It sounds like you had to do a lot of work to try and get this one up and running. The worse thing about the Motherboards of this era are the capacitors on the boards. They start leaking and corrode the tracks. It gets messy replacing stuff. The caps on your replacement board look good. It looks like it may have either had expensive caps from new or been recapped in a professional way. The companies didn't design these to last long term. Locking them to a particular chipset/motherboard guarantees they will only be usable for a short time……
    Just as a note. Boot is the right term. POST is Power On Self Test. I hate the way people try to get pedantic about that crap and they don't really know.
    You might be able to use an audio isolation transformer to get rid of the noise.

  25. you could try finding a patch for the software (game) that makes it possible to run the game on any PC hardware, thats how i made my DIY priject diva arcade cabs, just patched the game dumped from original arcade cab and set up new pc with modern parts in my DIY cab

  26. 5:20 well if i were naer by i would have show you easy DIY tricks by put new hardware in it but it going take time for you to go thur coding program to unlock that hdd files so that way give u access open game n play it
    i been thur programming Arcade for ages back in day n most company really do hate me for doing for it because they want yall buy they hardware unset of one u want get n throw in like plug n play n they dont want it to be that easy
    if that what you like buy they own hardware it fine just try help out

  27. (points) "And then there's that sunuvabitch…"

  28. @Joe's Classic Video Games The next video is Johnny Nero Action Hero.

  29. Soon as I saw it booting up for the first time, I could tell its running Windows as the operating system. Its a tossup if its Win2K or WinXP, but I am going to say Win2K. And Win2Ks AC97 audio support wasnt that expansive back then, so its not surprising there is no driver for the audio.

    Also this equipment is old enough that on-board VGA didnt have 3D acceleration so its not surprising you got that error.

  30. The clearly aiming for the crotch has me dying! Even the women! lmao

  31. I'll bet that the "engine init failed" is related to the graphics. On board graphics of that era were abysmal. Not very likely for anything other than basic UI and text to work on the on-board.

  32. Great content man! these computer based arcade systems are interesting to me, also my arcade that I have been biulding is fully functional and I may make some videos on it

  33. “Two Tickets to Paradise baby”. 😂

  34. Hi there. This looks like a fun game to play. Are you getting any more of these games in? Ebay has more parts for sale to fix these cabinets up. I would grab what you need to keep restoring these. I even saw an actual machine for sale in excellent condition. It looked like it had a flat screen instead of the CRT monitor. Just look up Target Terror on eBay and you'll see a whole bunch of parts and accessories. I looked to see if there was an actual PC version but couldn't find one off hand.

  35. There's BIOS hacking forums and some guys there are specialised in ripping out whitelists. I didn't personally mess with that. I assume it's modules or ACPI tables that even a small manufacturer can compose quite easily, if they have the tooling, and the BIOS can still look entirely stock otherwise, because why go for extra effort of customising more than necessary. I have been curious about reverse engineering software and potentially ripping out the limitations in the application, but i already have too many preservation projects lined up.

    Mainboards often come with different soundchips in different revisions, where they can jump between VIA and Realtek (ALC) ones depending on availability and other circumstances, because they all have the same pinout and footprint, and then it's just software business, and also some minor components, like 10 Ohm or 68 Ohm output resistors on ALC depending on the model, and 0 Ohm links on VIA. I heard it is fundamentally not entirely impossible to rebuild the board with a different soundchip – replace the chip, maybe surrounding components if necessary – or leave them alone if it doesn't feel hot to the touch – since ALC usually need output resistors and maybe ferrite beads to stabilise them, and VIA generally do not, so going from VIA to ALC can result in an unstable chip, but the other way around should just work. Then i'm not sure whether BIOS has any ACPI tables pertaining to the audio codec that help the driver configure it – i can't find any information on them at the moment, seems the driver just queries the codec chip directly, but custom vendor drivers (UAA) tend to override that. Anyway it's not too difficult to kick or add ACPI tables to the BIOS.

    Either of these goes into highly time consuming territory so definitely outside of the scope of a repair operation. This kind of work might be desired by preservationists though.

  36. urgh, Cap repclacement on that kind of Boards is not that easy.
    First you need the right caps. THere is not just "Capacitor and size"; there are other values that are important too!
    If you use a "Standard Capacitor" you're gonna ruin the components behind the Regulator…
    You need to replace it with similar values in terms of "ESR/Impedance" and look up the Datasheets of the Caps. Usually those Boards use either Low Impedance Caps such as Nippin Chemicon KZE for some parts but for other parts they use Ultra Low ESR ones – they can only be replaced with Panasonic FM but the FM Series are BIGGER, so not easy.

    Regardless: Caps are really not cheap! so 50c per piece to a dollar or so…

  37. I have a raw thrills "fast and furious " I'm already having nightmares about the day I have to work on it. Thanks for sharing 👍

  38. Interesting time period, arcade makers really needed to adapt their business at that point where they no longer actually make the internal components. You can't just force bespoke hardware compatibility behavior into a universal standard when it's not there anymore ijs.
    I don't think what you did was wrong per se, more like you made it harder on yourself than many would when ROM patches allow for more generic PC component swaps. 😉

  39. 12:10
    The Wii version of Target Terror is based on the Gold version

  40. I know this was like 2 years ago Ron.. but I have a theory on the gold and the NOT gold.. I think that the newer version that they are calling Target Terror Gold… They could be with the newer boards, faster video cards, and a quicker Processor and RAM which would be a major improvement to the game play given the newer hardware. That is just a guess though, but I thought i would put this up. Love your guys' Channel!

  41. 23:43 There he goes. and then there's that son of a bitch hahaha 😆🤣

  42. What can be the problem if when you turn it on, but a weird screen comes the tv with static noise, takes a while to load, maybe about 3 minutes and it ends up loading eventually and plays? Please help! Thank you

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