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We played video games inside a Tesla Model 3 | Tesla Arcade

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Will arcade games make anyone run out and buy a Tesla? Absolutely not. Is this a fun, innovative way to keep drivers entertained while waiting to top off at a Supercharger? Absolutely, yes.

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  1. Where does the power for PS5 come from? The batteries that run the car?

  2. Cuphead and Fallout Shelter coming soon!
    Drawing app upgrade is being rolled out now. Karaoke is announced.
    Netflix and YouTube coming later with free WiFi at supercharger stations.

  3. Seems like wheels digging into the pavement isnt a great idea, am I wrong?

  4. They should let developers make apps for it and make store to sell them

  5. How are you going to play a game if your tesla needs to charge?

  6. thats the most pay2win game I have ever seen

  7. I expect the next Need for Speed to run on this

  8. OMG me and my little sister LOVE playing beach Buggies on our parent's telsa (we play using two-person and not with steering wheel)– *WE FOUND OVER 13 SEcret PAssages IN total so FAr (at least 2 in each course)!! ITs so fun! We've unlocked everything and get lots of stars*
    examples eheheh- 2:16 isnt a secret passage but can give u a bit of air- between the boats is a rock that u can jump off of! (clues is that Lava Tiki temple, the one with giant mushrooms and the wild west courses have our FAVoriTE BEST secret passages!! each have approx 2)

  9. Imagine playing dirt rally 2.0 in these🔥🔥🔥

  10. You know what would be cool a Tesla Premium Plus interior, which includes the game console for example of limited edition Nintendo switch with a built in dock and a rolling OLED screen or something that covers up the windshield when parked.

  11. I PLAY IN PS4

    MY FRIEND : wut

  12. No man sky will be perfect to play in tesla, its relaxing never ending game, which actually make you care about it, its the kind of game you would play if you have a half an hour to burn

  13. I do not want to be sarcastic, so here it is straight up: If you think this is new, you have honest been asleep the past 10-15 years. Since LCD's have appeared in cars, we have been playing playstation, etc. My 2001 BMW had navigation with RCA video /audio inputs (PAL CVBS). I connected a Playstation 2 to it. In 2006 I got a Jasjar phone with video out, and played games in my car, using the joystick on the phone to play the game. Later my 2014 X5 had these inputs inside the car specifically for this purpose as well as analog and digital television and Playstation 3, later PS 4, with a remote control. Come on guys, are you going to report next that you can press a button and the window will open? It certainly looks like if a person had a car with too few options fitted before he buys a Tesla, then Tesla must have been the inventor of everything? The refinement, quality, intuitive nature of the long established auto makers technology is much more attractive than a couple of easter eggs. I remember holding in the ODO reset button on my 1992 325i just to arrive at a menu, which said LOC. Then pressing the button till it counts the sum of the days and months. and then it says UNLOC, then there are a lot of features hidden behind the menu. I am over that now.

  14. Blinded by the light (and bells and whistles) might describe the two makers of this glossover piece. The vid, shot indoors, never touches on how many idiots will now take their auto pilot autos on the road and surrender all control to the program. It never touches on the deeper aspect, vg addiction, and how such a 'hip but feeble, pre programmed generation' can't even get in a car, walk down the street or even take a leak without immersing into virtual reality. It's not about buying a Tesla it's about having been sold to the umbilical cord of vr. Hey, what about building in a real, 3-D, kinesthetic, pinball machine so they can play while soaking in the car's hot tub?
    So Sad.

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