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We Played EVERY Claw Machine in this GIANT Arcade!

Plush Time Wins
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We went to a huge arcade and played every claw machine! There are big claws, small claws, candy claws, toy claws, and even ticket claw machines! Be sure to watch until the end to see all the different prizes we won!


About Plush Time Wins:

We love to play in arcades! Winning from a claw machine is such a thrill and we just cannot get enough of that feeling. We love to visit arcades around the world as we are always chasing that next exciting win, whether it is from a carnival game, coin pusher, ticket games, or our favorite, claw machines! Be prepared to have FUN!

We Played EVERY Claw Machine in this GIANT Arcade!

Plush Time Wins


  1. I love it
    You guys are my childhood i been watching for a long time

  2. Another great video. Also just realized this looks like the one at seminole town center. Might go check it out. Looks like the only place in the mall that looked alive lol

  3. OK, I think you guys need to calm down a little and look at the ticket machines before playing them. They have the color coded ticket values on the banners on top of the machines. Calling the rings out by their color is definitely easier than pointing.

  4. Great video. Love all the wins 🎉🎉🎉 Awesome editing and effects in this video. Made it so fun and engaging to watch🥳🥳🥳 Excited to see more like this in the future when you win more amazing prizes 🤩🤩🤩

  5. U meant a yoshi plush in the prize area love your videos

  6. Such awesome wins love the sloth 🦥 that was my favorite that's my sister's favorite animal. The monkey was really cute also

  7. I looove reversible octopi ! When I go to a carnival (the only place where you can actually find claw machines in France !), I always come back home cith a few of them. It started randomly last year when I caught my first one and I now have seventy of them !

  8. I played the kung fu panda in llandudno North Wales and the first time I never played it I won 250 ticket I was so pleased. Love arcades❤❤❤

  9. Love watching your videos would love to go there

  10. Aww why did u leave the pumpkin the cat thing could of had a friend with him he could hangout with

  11. I 17:11 i have the yellow ghost and the white pacman that i won from my local arcade took me 4 trys

  12. Awesome, It's always fun and exciting to watch your videos you learn something interesting every time. I enjoy trying out the techniques when i get the chance to play claw machines at my local arcade center. It made playing fun and helpful at winning prizes for my cousins or female relatives. Lots of love and blessings.

  13. Hey guys, just some feedback for you. Im about 12 mins in and im findinf my eyes and head are kinda starting to hurt from all the effects.. at first i was like ooh cool and then they were a bit distracting.. you dont usually use so many so just in case you wanted feedback on the new style x

  14. Love the dragons I collect dragons there my favorite

  15. Looking forward to both of u in a challenge where who'll get the most prizes in a claw machine with no tickets included wins LOL that would be fun!

  16. My husband thinks Crystal sounds like one of the girls from Bob's Burger

  17. at 27:16 you didnt notice but there was a yellow pac man you could have won it right next to dropping into the chute thing it was almost a guarenteed win to to lol lol

  18. Whoever decided to combine claw machine bs with coin pusher bs needs proper retribution.

  19. Love the sloth so cute love you guys you rock💛🍾🎊

  20. How can I get that sloth from you. I collect them. And I also collect the ducks too

  21. There’s some seriously ugly plushies at that arcade

  22. I got the 900 ring and the bumblebee dog about a month ago lol. Just went back on Sunday and they've reorganized everything again. Picked up 3 more Disguisimals!

  23. Awesome Wins especially the octopus role in on the other prizeshoot You guys are So Funny I was Laughing the whole time

  24. That octopus looks absolutely fantastic! I’m so envious. Well Done ❤

  25. I think it’s a oompah loompah and Angel for some reason your nose kept growing amazing octopus win crystal nice hack with the sloth cris the dragons are nice so many prizes much ❤guys

  26. Great wins!! There's so many, which is my favorite? The dragons, the octopus, the sloth, the ghosts and the pineapple light!

  27. Guess that game!!!!!!!! By the voice line: “ please deposit 5 coins” and “ well it’s not my fault I have theese big fat plastic fingers” they’re in the same game

  28. This was really fun to watch lot of winning.

  29. That claw did a second take to get a better grab for you guys!!😂😂

  30. was i the only one who noticed angel push crystal out of the way? rude

  31. What a great video I love these type of videos do more of these playing all the claw machine videos

  32. Awesome video! I always love y'all's claw machine vids!

  33. Watching you play the claw machines is my absolute favourite!!!!!!!

  34. At the end, you were playing for Bullet Bill, Bob-om is the circle with the gold wind up key.

  35. Fun fact: claw machines are rigged and im not joking

  36. I wish I lived by arcades! My husband would be obsessed with that Mario in the tanooki suit I love your guys videos

  37. I just realized I have been watching p.t.w for almost 8 years omg 🤯

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