We played all the Skill Claw Machines at the arcade! (OVER 45+ MACHINES!!) - jadeusgames.com

We played all the Skill Claw Machines at the arcade! (OVER 45+ MACHINES!!)

Plush Time Wins
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Today we played every Skill claw machine in this arcade! We played over 45 different claw machines!

Played at:
Frank’s Fun Center Arcade
407 Boardwalk, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742


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  1. I honestly wouldn't mind if you did two parters to these games you win a lot on. Those clicks were so satisfying!

  2. Fuzzy wuzzy is the creapy one very messed up videos

  3. 😐 this is me when ever I play claw machines and manage to win at least until whatever I win fall's into the shoot

  4. Y’all are AMAZING!!!!❤❤❤😊😊😊

  5. Love your videos and the banter with you two so cute

  6. Hello guys
    Everything I watch you I on the edge of my seat
    Wa time uou to win. Do you keep all your toys or do youd donation the one you the others. I would keep the best/favorite one. And then I donation say to family who can't afford Chrisas thus year .I'm with you when you get it right and feel dint got in . I can start breathing again. More please thank you. Xx

  7. Guys come on it’s Huggy Wuggy how do you not know who he is


  9. But good job and keep it up but do fix that

  10. All of the prizes look the same…. (what did you get from the tickets?)

  11. Get crab claw operating space mouse,hydraulics bubbler

  12. Hey angel and crystal what brand was the octopus plush you won the blue one with the pink bottom

  13. The claw machine that has the scary colorful game characters are called Huggy Wuggys.

  14. His saying Carl

    Has twd flashbacks
    Rick: CORRAL

  15. The blues are huggy wuggies the pick ones are kissy missy's the multi-colored ones I'm not really sure what there name is

  16. You guys are great I love your videos your both like kids when it comes to arcades I’m the same ha ha you have better prizes in yours than ours in the United Kingdom ❤😊

  17. When y’all were at the travel buddy claw machine and were telling the frog to jump onto the price chute, the subtitles said:
    “Come on, little froggie! Jump into the pie soup!”

  18. Hello Angel And Crystal
    The dark blue dragon I loved but I would of kept on until I got the Chihuahua. Very lucky with the ticket so you could changed up for items in their shop. Awesome video.


  20. This is my favorite arcade! I was about to ask if this was Frank’s and there’s definitely some good variety in prizes! Not to mention I would just farm the ticket roll grabber and get a large prize haha. Hope y’all enjoyed yourselves!

  21. One day I played a play til you win game and I got a dog but it let me play again so I got a shark

  22. Whenever Chris and Angel ask "what do you think?" you know they are goin' again! ❤

  23. The blue one is huggy wuggy and the pink one is kissy missy

  24. 13:49 I didn't know there were small ticket claw machines that have small ticket rings that look like the ticket rings in giant claw machines

  25. You said the claw machines are skill claw but yet the mario claw machine was rigged

  26. Who is your favorite if it's crystal
    👇 If it's angle leave a reply saying angle

  27. Love when I get a notification to your video. Like seeing all the prizes you win. Keep making more an more videos.

  28. That claw machine is playing the big one giant claw machine music.

  29. Guys he copied my videos I made clow machine videos in 19 years

  30. Oh my gosh i love u guys u guys make my day and i watch u guys almost everyday before i go to sleep

  31. I would love to get that the child baby oda please

  32. Please make more videos. Where are you? Play cool machines when you win Kissy missy and huggy Wuggy plush

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