We found Atari's Original 1985 GAUNTLET Arcade Game Cabinet! - Grab Your Quarters! - jadeusgames.com

We found Atari’s Original 1985 GAUNTLET Arcade Game Cabinet! – Grab Your Quarters!

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  1. I dumped quite a few quarters in one of these.

  2. Hey guys. I actually have an Idea for a store. It is my dream to open one. Unfortunately I don't have the funds but I think it is an amazing idea and I don't think there is one like it. I was looking into government grants for new businesses

  3. Blue Wizard needs food badly!
    Green Elf shot the potion!
    Green Elf is now the Blue Wizard's bitch.

  4. Played this game so much as a kid when I closed my eyes at bedtime, screenshots of the game appeared.

  5. This game is LEGEND, the first four player co-op game ever mass produced!

  6. lol i loved this game.. i got to the point to in which i could play almost infinitely if i played solo depending on the hardness setting.. if the hardness setting was set to give very little food then there is no way to live forever but you could still live for a number of levels depending which character you got.. so long as you have your magic power strong enough to damage the generators surviving forever can be done easily.. the elf and the mage were the best to play.. elf was probably the best because you could move and shoot fast.. when you get to a certain point you will always end up with more health at the end of the level.. i remember selling a game i was playing for more than the initial quarter i put in, only to come back a few hours latter to buy back the same game for a quarter only to build it up again.. good times..

  7. There is another game as a kid i played, it was 4 player, had similiar characters . It was a top down type view. Not golden ax nor dungeons and dragon. It had forests you could go in or grave yard ect. It was a fancier 4 player cabinet then this style. This was 87 88 yr.

  8. This game took most of my money that i made as a milkboy… HAPPY DAYS .. thanks for sharing..

  9. I never played this game. Looks Great !!!
    Also, seems like this gameplay is directly where Diablo was inspired from.

  10. You guy's would'nt happen to have a game called ..RYGAR .. by and chance?? Another game that took my money ..

  11. Not mention it only took up a quarter of the real eatate of 4 separate machines packing 4 people into a smaller space.

  12. I was 5 years old at my local youth center. I saw a group of kids playing Gauntlet. I went behind the machine, as there was a gap there. I found a switch. I hit the switch and the game turned off. The boys proceeded to rough me up and beat my ass. I never did that again!

  13. It’s backwards because you don’t have to tap to fire you used to be able to just hold down the fire button also the reason your health drains is because u could just sit in some areas and run up the score killing mobs without ever dying

  14. The best two player combo was warrior and wizard . Their shot power was the better of the group. With extra shot power power up warrior will kill anything it shot while the wizard alternate kills everything

  15. I LOVED……………..watching other people play this game, because I SUCKED at it… 🙂

  16. THIS was the video game that provided the main inspiration for D&D 4th Edition.

  17. I played that recently on a trip to LA…I was impressed with the quality of the picture coming out of the tube…any sense of what kind of tube it is? seems a step up from normal arcade monitors

  18. Wish this could be ported to Android. I loved this game.

  19. Warrior is about to Die this games sounds stayed in my mind for decades

  20. I spent over $25.00 in quarters on this game one day. Reached level 50 after 4 hours of playing. Valkyrie was my favorite character.

  21. I could play for 12 hours on 1 quarter. Only if I played wizard and only if I played alone. The patterns repeat.

  22. I have a couple friends who between them own original Gauntlet, Ms Pacman & Tempest machines

  23. My crew and I played this game at Wonderland off 122nd & Glisan Street in Portland Oregon. Probably my favorite multiplayer game ever. Great memory.

  24. I have this Cabinet with the g2 roms. Such an awesome cabinet but the game was more fun in the arcade trying to conserve your coins get team mate to go in the same direction and use their abilities to match the way they played so much stress lol.

  25. I don't even want to think about how many quarters my 3 high school friends and I pumped into the Gauntlet machine on Friday & Saturday nights back in the day at the arcade. We spent hours at a time playing that. Good memories..to this day I'll find myself using the phrase "Nerd needs food badly" when referring to having to make dinner for my gamer son. 😀

  26. From my memory i thought the joystick area was alot bigger than this one…..

  27. This one my game me and my 4 friends lost TONS of quarters every week. I was Elf or Valkyrie.

  28. did you ever play this game while looking at it

  29. Did this game have an actual ending? I honestly don't recall ever beating this. Never had enough money leftover to continue…

  30. I would always add quarters to the guy who was playing.
    Particularly if he was in trouble.
    This, Spy Hunter & Mappy are my all time favorites.
    Years ago I was going down a side street & this guy had 30 arcade games in the basement of his townhouse & he invited me in to play.
    All were in mint condition.

  31. This was the most popular arcade game when I was a kid. It was so different. I spent a ton of quarters on it, loved it, but wasn't very good at it. Just like the other comments, I can't believe I still remember so much of it after all these years. Thanks for the video.

  32. Gauntlet was great back in the day. Also, as far as multiplayer, Super Sprint and Off Road were so much fun.

  33. Turning Gauntlet into Gold Medalist is a travesty

  34. I got bored with this & switched to the Arcade of Tron, could form a quick large square & win every time on Tron Speeder Bikes..

  35. The elf was the best one, could shoot through diagonals and had greater power. Everyone in the local arcade wanted to be the elf and wouldn't play if someone else was using him. Kind of like everyone wanting to be Nightcrawler in X-Men.

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