We found Atari's Original 1985 GAUNTLET Arcade Game Cabinet! - Grab Your Quarters! - jadeusgames.com

We found Atari’s Original 1985 GAUNTLET Arcade Game Cabinet! – Grab Your Quarters!

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  1. I bumped into a man who used to make computer processors and maintain arcade machines back in the 80s and he told me that many the time he had to repair this machine as the coins would pile up so much that they would over flow then start filling up the cabinet, and as soon as they reached the electrics in the cabinet it would short out . it use to be 40c a gave which was x2 20c coins and they were big coins .

  2. Killer game. I fondly remember being memorized by the voices and sounds when that game was new and showed up in our local 7-11 right next to Paperboy. ~12yo or so.

  3. Gauntlet was my favorite arcade game in the late 80s and it was the first NES game I asked for, I got it for Christmas the same year we got our NES.

    I was pissed it was only 1 player.

  4. ok so how many quarters did this cost you?

  5. Awesome video! I really miss the local Arcade. It was the place to go when you where a kid/teenager. Well at least I have the memories! New subscriber here. Peace

  6. This game was incredibly addictive for me.

  7. Wow this is my dream arcade machine. Been dying to find one for years.

  8. Haha, used to play this at pizza places when I was a kid!!😁- going down non political rabbit holes on YouTube- thanks

  9. This used to be one of my favorite arcade games! Loved the theme song too! Was definitely a quarter eater!

  10. I use to play this every time I went to the arcade at the malls. Brings back some great memories

  11. Best Arcade Game Ever! 😍😍😍😍

  12. Omg I want it soooooooo badly

    This was my favourite game of the 80s. Me and my friends used to hang out at the arcade on weekends and basically play gauntlet all day long! Lol

    Is it for sale?

  13. My bowling alley used to have one of these.

  14. Seeing these two play is like watching a dog at the controls of a helicopter

  15. I still remember the game announcer saying "[Player Name] is about to die" 😄

  16. Great!!
    One question… What size is the screen of gauntlet cabinet? Thanks

  17. I have been looking for a dark legacy machine for a long time !!

  18. The control panel setup feels really weird on my hands. Maybe I’m just more used to the layout on Konami’s 4-player games like TMNT and The Simpsons

  19. WTF, no melted plastic/burns on the surface where people would set their smokes while playing.

  20. It's a shame the NES game wasn't as good as this😞

  21. Still looking for player "BMX" who always was the one on top of me on the high score. Damn you!! haha, kidding, I`d really like to know who you were and how you loved those games even more than me 30 years ago 🙂

  22. If you have this in your home, it's gaming heaven. This is the game that you could play perpetually even with just one coin.

  23. The term 'fight' in the game refers to melee attacks. Fight is distinguished from shots (ranged attacks). You can fight all enemies except ghosts, which can be attacked from a range (shots), and Death, which can only be killed with magic potions.

  24. Bowling ally my mom bowled at had this game in it along with karate champ spy hunter and a few others

  25. I wanted this back in the day. It ate so many quarters

  26. I wasted many hours and quarters playing that game with friends when it was new. Good times.

  27. They've never been able to port this correctly to any home console, so the arcade game is the way to go!

  28. Gauntlet is the first arcade game that made an impression on me.

  29. There it is! Quarter muncher is right. And I'd forgotten about people sticking quarters in the wrong slots. Heh

  30. Have you ever worked on a 3 player Rampart?

  31. Loved this game. Another blast from the past.

  32. This game commands respect for its difficulty and the sheer amount of love shown towards this game is amazing. Great vid as usual very informative.

  33. What a gorgeous cabinet! I actually like the matching joysticks aesthetically but obviously not good for a collector.

  34. We played this at Peppinos Pizza all afternoon! I can still hear it and smell the pizza. 😂

  35. you should invest in a camera stabilizer

  36. One of the greatest games of all time. Used endless quarters playing this game as a kid. Every character was fun to use as well.

  37. Had a gauntlet at Foy Center at Auburn University. Wonder who got more money, the game or the college thru tuition? Tuition was $436 a quarter back then
    10:00 All these left handers like me. I wonder if arcade games was what trained us to be right handed at many things like gaming, shooting, throwing ?

  38. To play this Solo, i got 3 Hints. !. Take the Elf. Take the Elf. Take the Elf. For absolute Beginners…take the Wizard. The Magic is the Key.

  39. Pretty Bad players^^ I have not seen such bravery. ^^

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