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We Fix Atari’s Legendary “Hard Drivin” Arcade Game! Steering, Brakes, PCB Repair WOW!

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  1. I remember this hitting the arcade scene very well. It was truly Hard driving. I also remember the big version. Big seat with a back… it was a big deal. That force feedback wheel was cool. I would love to try it again now, after I’ve been driving in real life for 30 years.

  2. Wait were you actually thinking of “Choose your own Adventure books?” I think you were. Man I loved those back in the day! Especially the one about a spooky house…. Oh man- oh- House on Chimney Rock! Still scares me! The illustrations!

  3. Is it my hearing messing with me or did that game have wind noise at higher speeds all the way back in 1989?

  4. Cute bit at the end, but I do recall these turning the wheel on demo…this impressed a lot of people looking at this when it was new…played this first at Bellis fair arcade ( Bellingham,Wa) a very long time ago.

  5. At the time it was the most realistic “sim”. I wasted so much money on this game!

  6. I cringed when u pushed on the pedal on the glass top….

  7. The diode with two arrows above it is an LED, for sure. And I am almost positive that is a tantalum 10 µF 20 V, but it looks like you already figured that out.

  8. Is it same devs who developed Stunts on PC? It have same graphics and cars.

  9. I grew up and still live in a rural area. Our county fair use to have an arcade set up in a tent during the fair and this is one of the games they had. I’m more amazed at this game now than I was back then. I had no idea it was so complicated!! Just look at the size of those computer boards and the size of that motor for the force feedback! It’s unbelievable. The guys who lugged all those heavy machines around from fair to fair in the summer heat earned an honest living.

  10. Did these models not come with a (lack of a better term) a null modem cable to allow multiple units to be connected and allow a vs type play style?

  11. Early 90's Hard Drivin' was my game at the arcade!!!

  12. I remember playing this game back in the day. It was one of the first none motorized games that cost £1. Most of the bigger motorized sit down drivers cost a quid. But this one wasn't really motorized like the others, except for the early force feedback. Really liked it, but couldn't afford to play it much back then. I remember the sit down seat mechanism being over engineered, but really cool.

  13. I was obsessed with this game back in the day. My local arcade had the fully enclosed one, really helped me love driving and manual trasmissions.

  14. That game seemed so freakin cool until you ponied up your 50 cents.

  15. As a 42 y/o electrical engineer, I couldn't stop watching this. One of my favorite games, and troubleshooting the schematics was like a murder mystery to me.

  16. I remember the cockpit version at Aladdin's Castle that had the manual shift. What a great game! There was also a buggy racing game that you could shoot other drivers and their seat would pop them in the back with a solenoid. So much fun 🙂

  17. I bought a Race Drivin' game from an auction. I had it in my living room for years, the monitor on top extends the point of view and makes it feel almost like a cockpit. The force feedback, clutch, even the key switch were TOTALLY revolutionary for the time

  18. This was the best driving game EVER. More of a simulator. BUT, as a list of bad games goes, the ports of this game were all borderline, terrible, or unplayable. It was released for systems which just could never be playable on. Even on the Amiga, it was almost undriveable. Imagine trying to drive in a simulator that constantly hick-upped, ignored inputs, and had a frame rate of of 10fps or less. You gonna crash. But the arcade release of this game was genius.

  19. why did they use a mirror , to keep the depth of the cabinet down?

  20. Modern high end silmuator hardware also uses strain gauge forthe brakes t obeasure brake force instead of just brake deflection like the cheaper potentiometer brake sets do.

  21. Nice job! Ever consider repairing a steel talons board set? Hard driving I think uses a similar board set doesn’t it? I have the board set but I need the power supplies and rump thumper board/solenoid.

  22. I actually play the full size ones which is weird because I for all the arcade machines the only one I seen both the full and cut down size was the X-Men.

  23. God I loved that game. Even though the hardware was under-sized to run the game, it's still fun to play.

  24. When I was a kid I Used to pester my mother for money to play this every time we went grocery shopping, was at the local grocery store in a small town in Potosi, Mo known as Karsch's. Was 50 cents per credit.

  25. I used to love this game! AT the end you cab fly off the last high banked turn and fly across the start finish like 200 feet in the air hahah.

  26. For some reason, I don't find the Framerate all that impressive….I've tested Hard Drivin on my Mega STE and it's 386 DOS Card. I'd say a period correct 486 could have done the same thing to some degree. 😀

  27. I had the fastest time on this machine for 6 years running at the local bowling alley lol. Throw me in the cockpit version though, terrible. Idk about now though, I haven't seen one of these machines in eons.

  28. 😆😆😆😆I remember spending so much money on playing this game as a kid

  29. Tantalum caps have lower equivalent series resistance. They're common in analog/digital circuits where signals are small & losses can cause problems.

  30. That steering wheel assembly looks like back of my washing machine, swap some parts, let people play game while washing yours laundry 🙂

  31. My first reaction when I played the cockpit version having never seen the game was mind blowing.Cost 50 cents.Became top score for a long time in my hometown .Great to burn one before playing lol

  32. I can still hear the chase car engine getting louder as you closed in on the finish line.Tough A.I. competitor but sometimes seemed ot got all the breaks.

  33. Now soulja boy "owns" atari.
    He went from Making a shitty console to "Fuck Nintendo" to CEO of Atari

  34. I played this for hundreds of hours at Nickel City, it only cost 5 cents at the time.

  35. I loved this game. Taught me how to drive a standard. I remeber two arcades that had these one was 75 cent play yhe other was 1.00 play back in 1992!! The cockpit cabinet was what I remember playin. Played the shit out of this every time we went to the mall. The Sega version was horrible the Arcade was Absoulty Amazing!!! I want one for my man cave.

  36. I played that game in a local mall arcade back in the early 90s. It was the sit down cockpit cabinet version like you mentioned in the video. It was a great game to play. It was kind of difficult to play too but I got better after playing it for a while. The loop was hard at first to get all the way around it. Yes, I think you can fall off of the sides of the loop and crash.

  37. Cockpit Race Drivin' showed up in my local arcade around 1989. $1 per play. I fed tons of cash into it.

    Race Drivin' replace it a year or two later in the same arcade. Continue to feed cash in it. $1 per play.

    Picked up a Race Drivin' "compact" this weekend. It's fun! Unfortunately the green is completely dead in the monitor. The only thing I've done is narrow it down to the monitor and not pcb.

  38. I’ve been fixing sports scoreboards for a couple decades and learned more watching you read these electrical schematics on these videos than I’ve figured out for myself over the years. Thanks!

  39. what was the reason for mirrors like that for arcade machines, flatten the curve of the tv tube or something?

  40. Awesome video! I have one with the brakes out too. Any tips on how to remove and replace the tantalum cap? I'm guessing soldering? Also my shifter is having problems getting into 3rd. Any help and info is really appreciated!!!

  41. Great game and video!
    Very cool to show the inside of these amazing machines and fixing it. What a joy!
    I've played Hard and Race Drivin' during summer vacations at Costa de Caparica, Portugal.
    They were so expensive, only big Arcades could afford it.
    Keep up the good work.
    Cheers 🇵🇹

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