We CHEATED an Arcade, and Won THIS... **jackpot hack** - jadeusgames.com

We CHEATED an Arcade, and Won THIS… **jackpot hack**

FaZe Rug
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We went to an arcade and tried cheating to hit the jackpot every time to see if we can win a big prize.. Are arcades really a scam??

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If you read this far down the description I love you


  1. Is faze jarvis going to lose against Michele le

  2. You have to have skill and practice.I can gain profit at the arcade

  3. The peaceful desire taxonomically muddle because back regrettably pick toward a thick nancy. petite, aggressive thermometer

  4. One time I won airpods because I wouid save my tickets.

  5. Ima go to Dave and busters and play kung fu panda

  6. Ones I went to a arcade and then this person got so many points he broke the game

  7. Can I be in your video one day ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ please

  8. I love that even tho they won he gave it away to fan he is always giving

  9. Both consoles work that I kind of like Xbox a little more

  10. Technically that was not cheating. cheating would only be if you like jump inside the game and put the rings but I am still a fan

  11. I’ve gotten a Nintendo switch at a arcade

  12. I played the Kung fu Panda game with my sister and we broke the left side like if you punch the left side it wouldn't count the point

  13. Rug needs to go back to school he does not now 10 x 100

  14. For two years I thought you were saying Sherman the virgin

  15. That Dave and busters is right next to where I train for basketball!

  16. I want to this arcade when I want to there

  17. Come back, do a who can win the most tickets challenge

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