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We CHEATED an Arcade, and Won THIS… **jackpot hack**

FaZe Rug
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We went to an arcade and tried cheating to hit the jackpot every time to see if we can win a big prize.. Are arcades really a scam??

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If you read this far down the description I love you


  1. Bruh I should wait for a new system to come out before I spend my tickets. You can cheat iceball.

  2. Fly High Juice WRLD (Look at the upload date)

  3. WTF do u mean the wheel spin is a scam the first time I did it I got 1K lol

  4. Jejfhffhfhxjdjxhcjcjfjjdncjeufhxjeifjrifj4ifenigifififififjhfheufhxhrhcehcyhfhcfuchhrhufuhdhryfufhdudhyrucuducurixididixidjdididud I hate your haters

  5. My guy just go to the basketball game go all the way to the back where the jackpot is and have all your friends just toss you basketballs and you put them in the jackpot and you win an Xbox or a PS4 in like 20 minutes

  6. He should’ve played quick drop it’s a 100% skill based game and if you practice enough you’ll get good at it and once your good at quick drop you can win a lot of tickets from the game and I mean a lot one tip for quick drop is to do 4-5 balls per bucket no more than that.

  7. Can’t belive the comment section is how I found out about juice death

  8. Y'all didn't cheat
    You played by the rules and called it cheating 😡
    So disappointed 😔

    me: after collecting from 1 whole month gets 356

  10. YOUR MY LEGIT FAVOURITE YOUTUBER SINCE 2016 your so chill and that makes me happy It’s makes me smile and all your videos ARE great I always Watch your videos! It’s the best Your the nicest Person i’ve ever seen Anyways Hopefully you have a good day and keep Up! ♥️

  11. do how the f*** can you up loud in the day that jueice wrld died

  12. I love your videos i watch them all the time when im back from school even in my spare time your my favorite youtuber i wish i could meet you and your brother brandon

  13. I just need a heart from 🥺FEITZ🥶 says:

    Lessshhhh gooooooo 20mil

  14. You can just hop in the fish machine and keep beating the high score by a little bit. I spent 30 bucks and got 25,000 tickets.

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  17. John 3:15-18 KJV❤ 15 That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.

  18. 300 to win 15k in tickets lol, the ps4 itself cost 299

  19. the moment brian gave the bear to travis that was so wholesome

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