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[Vinesauce] Joel – Spooky Arcade Games

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  1. JoJoel's Bizarre Adventure: Night of the Living Romspook

  2. I always believed there was a difference between zombies and living dead. Living dead was a resurrection of someone did that had somewhat of an intelligence with their constant need for brains and and some instances of possible speach (ala the Return of the Living Dead movies). Zombies are people, dead and alive) that are completely mindless that can be controlled and are prone to violence.

  3. We had that AVP beat-em-up at my local movie theater a couple years ago

  4. How is Mario 1 violent I just want to know that Joel mom said Mario one is violent

  5. I know people will hate this and tell me I'm wrong. the night of the living dead remake is the shit.

  6. looks at title

  7. Stevey Strikes Again "Typo Intended" says:

    I actually had the pleasure of playing the first game on a the real arcade cabinet.

  8. That last spook wuz 2 spooky 4 me 2 handl

  9. I like bo3 zombies ( only cuz they used to scare the shit out of me )

  10. My favs were the 79 release of Dawn of the Dead and the 80s release of Day of the Dead. A couple of the Romero classics and not the trashy remakes

  11. New zombies aren't really "zombies" they're more like infected kinda like ghouls from fallout but with more skin (sometimes) L4d2 is an example of the new zombies but they're both great slow and asking for shit and fast and doesnt care.

  12. Question, what is he using to play the on rails shooters?

  13. 6:39 The hydra forming the victory pose with its 5 heads is just the neatest thing

  14. I am very disappointed carnevil wasn't here.

  15. Does Joel know Spinal from KI has a dope Swedish pirate theme in the new one?

  16. before we start the video let me talk about todays sponser: zombie raid shadow legends

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