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Vasara 2000 Visco Mame Retro Arcade Games

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► Vasara 2000 Visco. Full game.


1. Vasara 2000 –
2. Vasara 2 2001 – Not yet available

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  1. He killed all of 180 enemy generals. It's amazing!

  2. An unusual & difficult shmup that takes place in feudal Japan.

  3. Wait, how do you make perfect if you do not kill all the enemies?

  4. This isnt a very historically accurate portrayal of the feudal era.

  5. would like to see you do a playthrough of Darius Gaiden Extra 28-Stage Mode

  6. Like to also see you someday do Vasara 2 difficult (full) mode with all banners taken.

  7. Could be similar to Dodonpachi if I'm not mistaken.

  8. Feudal Japan with dammaku mixed in. To get perfect, just kill all the standard-bearing enemies.

  9. I have been stuck on the last level for 3 days, and you make it look so easy. Then again, I thought the charge attack/shield was only for when vasara gauge was full. I was dodging all the bullets like a chump until a fortunate mistake on the final level.

  10. I question the historical veracity of this game.

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