Use this Secret Trick to WIN Claw Machines! -

Use this Secret Trick to WIN Claw Machines!

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Claw machine tips, hacks, and tricks to win and beat these arcade games and increase your chance of winning!
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We are all about claw machines and arcade games! We play all types of games such as claw machines, coin pushers, Keymaster, barber cut lite, and all different types of arcade machines! Watch as we win prizes, and even show you tips and tricks on how to win from claw machines and beat hard to win games.

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  1. I have that same pet seal but it’s a bear

  2. This is prolly the dumbest claw machine owner
    Unless he's actually the owner and he's doing this just for content

  3. I do this all the time and to get the other one all you have to do is shake the machine a little bit

  4. I hate this guy bc he gives the toys to kids it just annoys me

  5. Try 2get Post its and leave a message… "Free toys" so people know they weren't forgotten and they are actually free…

  6. This isnt a trick its cheating and then they up the prices because of people like you or dont wanna pay out thinking everyones cheating.

  7. I want the seal I don't ever win on theses

  8. A number of times I'll play a claw machine just for fun and quite often give the toys to kids
    Those that I keep, or if no kids around I put in a box at my veterans post for kids events like halloween/Christmas (lots of stuffed animals go out on Christmas) or take to sporting events for "bear toss" nights

  9. Thanks for this trick. I now go to different crane games and get these stuffed animals and sell them to people.

  10. Sugar loaf claw machines are the best.

  11. the claw machines I've seen don't do this- they know people will try this

  12. Those claw machines are somewhat fair in how they pack everything, saw a claw machine recently so packed down the claw couldn’t grab anything 😂

  13. Where is it located I need a Deadpool

  14. Any one knows where the purple square guy plushie is from ?

  15. Thanks for giving the kid the prize, someone did that to my son once after failing 5 tries. It absolutely made his day.

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