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Unboxing Mini Arcade Machine with Over 2000+ Games

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Pandora 3D machine, 2 players, expandable – and it’s pink! Love it! Perfect size for my room.

Supreme Galloping Ghost!


  1. i love all your arcade game machines. hope you make more videos. i will be waiting.

  2. where did you bvuy that version i need the pcb board please reply

  3. Where did you buy this? Did you get it from Aliexpress?

  4. What version of this machine?
    I see Tekken 5, Tekken 6, and others 3D fighting games..
    I never see that games at another youtuber review this supreme arcade machine..

  5. I love how googlie eyed you get over that arcade machine you remind me of a little girl getting her favorite Barbie on her birthday lol you so cute

  6. How much you paid for that arcade machine..?

  7. Theres only 200 of that arcade machine made and you got no.76
    seal mark on the side of it.. nice😊

  8. Can you by chance list what games are on it? Is it mostly fighting games or are there different types of arcade games on it?

  9. Cyrene can you send the link of the ebay page? I am going to buy one asap! Thank you

  10. Hi Cyrene what site do you buy this arcade machine?

  11. Great video!
    Have you had any glitches or issues with the console?
    I saw one yesterday as I live in Sydney, Australia for $400 au.
    Do you recommend it?

  12. Omg
    I wish this ❤
    Unboxing! Pleaseeeee

  13. i just got one of these is there a way to change it to english ?

  14. Did Galloping Ghosts make this arcade cabinet because there name is on it there a Chicago Video Arcade and they make arcade games too

  15. i have the exact type. the good is the cpu is very good.the best i found that can play n64 games smoothly. the bad is the screen. its not ips. and no brightness setting. and the funny one is if u press start and f. u can save point. press start and e u can load. anyway.. its fun to bring to friends gathering. playing street fighter 2 is hilarious

  16. this video is awesome!!! That's why there are only 5 hates and 139 likes!!!

  17. Where did you get the custom sticker labels? Can you share a link?

  18. Wow you have have a cool room you really spoil yourself really nice does this new game you have has the classic super mario brothers?

  19. thanks for unboxing this I am and my cousin sister we can play now 🧕🧕

  20. Help pls. Black sceer no games. What is the problem?i saw japaness letters only. Thank you

  21. I'd like to change the skin on my arcade unit aswell. Where did you order your skin from? Thanks!

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