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Unboxing & Installing A Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Machine

Arcade Heroes
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– Minecraft is now in arcades, with this exclusive rendition of the series designed by Play Mechanix. This version is very different from the console version and also features a card system that allows you to craft characters by scanning said cards during play.
Since I picked up the game for my arcade, here’s how the installation process went, sped up and put to music from Gauntlet Legends (a game that is slightly similar to Minecraft Dungeons Arcade in terms of basic play).
Interested in multiplayer gameplay? Jump to: 10:55


  1. 海外のアーケードゲームも日本と同じ組み立てるんだね

  2. 2 things I see wrong with this cabinet
    1 Why the hell is the card dispenser directly in front of where the player stands?
    2 "add Cash" come on Microsoft have some couth 😅

  3. Ori the cutie appears in Steve and co.'s first arcade game (In the T During the Xbox logo)

  4. Hi dear , can we use this game without cards ?

  5. This game was at the climb zone also i have some of the cards

  6. i played that every sunday. and but the player 1 scanner was actually broken

  7. I love Minecraft dungeons and those cards that's sooooooo much

  8. Love the Gauntlet Legends/Dark Legacy music playing during the montage.

  9. That is so cool! Love all your videos man, lots of nostalgia & retro vibes. This would be a really cool arcade to see! I didn't even know they made Minecraft Dungeons for a big machine like that. Looks like it would be a blast with friends!

  10. Me and my 14 son played one of these just this week, was an awesome arcade, we beat the main level and got top ranks too. But I'm curious how many cards do they send you with the arcade game since players keep them, and how often do they need restocked?? Thanks

  11. Like si eres de LATAM y sabes que nunca habrán cosas como esta acá ;-;

  12. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍😍😍

  13. have one of these and our cards jam every 5 plays or so. Have you had any issues with the jams after the 1st one?

  14. It took me a minute to realize where that arcade is

  15. My one complaint about this game is it is so LOUD
    It could be turned down by 50% and you could still hear it just fine 😆

    Also do you know if Minecraft will realse Series 2 ever?

  16. Is there anywhere I can buy the cards for cheap? Lol

  17. Hey arcade heroes do you know where to buy this arcade machine? If I’m able to in the future I would want to buy one for my bedroom.

  18. it's fun to witness this game machine setting up

  19. Where do you get this machine from looking to purchase one

  20. How do you guys get more cards when you run out of them

  21. The Minecraft Dungeons arcade is similar to most Japanese arcade machines such as Aikatsu, Pokémon Tretta, Pripara and Waccha Primagi etc where these arcade cards can be scanned or enabled into the arcade machine and the Japanese logo would say (マインクラフトダンジョンズアーケード) Mainkurafuto Danjonzu
    A-ke-do because these Japanese arcade players in Japan really want this Minecraft Dungeons arcade so badly

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