Tron Arcade Game Cabinet Tour. Bally Midway 1982 (not mame) -

Tron Arcade Game Cabinet Tour. Bally Midway 1982 (not mame)

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Here’s a quick little tour of my Tron arcade game from Bally/Midway. It’s based on the movie of the same name.

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  1. The cab is amazing but the game is absolute trash.

  2. Spiders are bugs. 😉

  3. Spiders are arachnids, technically. Bugs are insects… :0)

  4. Very cool, I never played it, but I would not mind having one.

  5. I have since put the correct Black Light White light on the lower CP and it looks perfect. All good.

  6. Please give us an update video on it. Where do you find these Arcade machines? It must cost a lot to maintain them.

  7. Are you on mushrooms or you just ate chillies?

  8. A video store near me just picked up a Tron arcade cabinet and I got to play it.

  9. that is one cool cabinet. Why do most americans have really high or squeaky voices even when they are older, odd.

  10. @Yervaworm11 we go to the auctions, and pay much less, my mk3 was 180, karate champ was 100 and turbo set me back 40…

  11. Nice machine, bro! I love Tron and this cabinet is badass! This would definitely be on top of the list of arcade machines I would want along with Battletoads, Aliens Vs. Predator, Tekken 2, and Rampage.

  12. @blkdog7 Guess he's just being a little bit more "specific"… as in "Grid Bugs" (not "Grid Spiders").

    I know they're still bugs. But I have nothing better else to do. 😀

  13. @blkdog7 what about program bugs? 2. meaning of word.

  14. Oops. Thanks for the vid. That was pretty cool.

  15. in the last movie its has a new brand name ENCOM (bally was removed)

  16. I have this machine, but due to the pcbs being way too expensive and unreliable, I'm making it a mult-TRON which will play many of the TRON games. It has the up/down spinner also so Disks of Tron is playable also. I'll post a vid when finished. 

  17. john in my mame emulator i'm gonna download the tron game 🙂

  18. I just purchased this game.. Cant wait for it to arrive. I also have an EDOT 🙂

  19. esa pinche camara …no la muevas tanto carajo!

  20. I would like this and Discs Of Tron in my basement.

  21. But even if we did know, Tron was a movie!

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