Trick To Win the Key Master Arcade Game #shorts -

Trick To Win the Key Master Arcade Game #shorts

Mystery Matt
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  1. I bet you’re gonna make a video another one about this that’s gonna be so hard😂

  2. I did it 1 time and 2nd time it got in but didnt come out

  3. Looks like I'm headed to the arcade tomorrow

  4. After this I litterly won 2 bobble head pop figures in a row. Keep up the great work

  5. Hey I saw this happen and won a DS! Thanks

  6. If it hits the very top, the operator’s set money requirements to give a prize have not been met.

  7. These types of arcade games actually have a setting that the owner can change to set how likely you are to win.

  8. But they literally messed up the pops wtf

  9. My family say those are always Rigged🙃

  10. I won an Apple Watch box ( i got scammed ) out of this thing

  11. whatttttttttttt the walking dead pop thing that's so cool

  12. Can somebody in the comments tell me what follow me I don’t get it

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