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Transformers: Human Alliance Arcade

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Sega’s latest action adventure game, TRANSFORMERS Human Alliance, partners players with one of three of the movie’s stars, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee or Sideswipe. Players must battle their way across America, Africa and Europe destroying the Decepticons before they find the All Spark, a material capable of bringing any mechanical or electronic object to life.

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  1. Wow, amazing. You vs the megatron

  2. There was a mall called Forum Istanbul and there was place called Funlab and there were arcade machines or play place for toddlers the arcade machines were mostly SEGA and there was this arcade machine but it was not playable due to being old outdated but i played grid and batman arcade machines but i remember playing when i was 3-4 in 2014 i went to mall this year in April in a Wednesday

  3. I'm Still Play This Game On Arcade Land

  4. When I was little I always think that starscream was megatron

  5. They paid homage to g1 by making scorponok big
    Edit: my son couldn’t get past him but he did get past him once

  6. 21:05 Optimus Prime: Megatron I will not let this happen

    Megatron: Optimus Prime it's it's impossible

    Optimus Prime: I won't give up as long as you are alive One Shall Stand One Shall Fall

  7. just by at dave and busters I played this game.

  8. Este jugo se encuentra en recorcholis de plaza alta brisa de merida

  9. Optimus prime are you all right I'm fine

  10. Man they didn't give Shockwave or Soundwave much of a fight

  11. I kept dying at the starscream battle but when my older brother came in and helped me out we beat level 1 and got on to the optimus prime level

  12. The game was for kids so they really had to make Megatron say “GO TO HECK”

  13. This is the Worst Nightmare I've ever seen.

  14. Could they not get peter cullen to voice optimus prime cause that voice is so bad IMO

  15. i remember when i was 10 and i cant get pass skorponic king

  16. Wait, Sam!

    Do I really have to deliver the device with this "ICE girl?"

    Sam! Sam!

    Decepticons are approaching.


    You are their target.


    Pick up your blaster!

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  18. Optimus prime: Megatron must be stopped, No matter the cost.

  19. Optimus Prime doesn’t even sound like Peter Cullen

  20. This should be ported to Nintendo Switch

  21. why does Optimus Prime sound like Xavier Renegade Angel

  22. This was a cool game! I liked it! I love arcade games!

  23. Optimus prime:dad
    Bumblebee:middle oldest child
    Shideswipe:middle child

  24. Mall where can find: Circuit
    In: Timezone

  25. Gua kalah teros main game ini di mall habis credit gweee

  26. Why was bro saying heck in the boss fight he’s not a kid Megatron

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