Transformers: Human Alliance arcade 2 player 60fps -

Transformers: Human Alliance arcade 2 player 60fps

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Best viewed in 60 fps. I’m player 1 and Mark is player 2. Note that for some reason, I wasn’t able to enter anything at the name entry or the stage select, so I had to let the timer count down.


  1. This is the only game not to feature Sam Witwicky.

  2. Hell ain’t a bad word. It’s just a place.

  3. my god, optimus saying "i will defeat you" is cringe

  4. The voice actors sound like they’re made In China hahaha

  5. Triggers me so much that megatron has the TF2 body but the TF3 Battle scarred head

  6. I never thought that there’d be a more annoying protagonist than Sam, but this guy has him beat.

  7. Bro how did starscream even learn belkan witchcraft his f-22 turns so fast

  8. Maybe there are other SEGA games based on hasbro productions.

  9. the original arcade game was insane tho, it was so fucking hard XD

  10. ชยากร อ่องรุ่งเรือง says:


  11. Idk if Starscream’s voice in this game is a close relative to the original one (talking about g1 Starscream)

  12. Hi my name is frans i from indonesia. Game ini saya sudah main udah tamat

  13. I miss playing this game. Should port it to Nintendo Switch

  14. This game is a legend in our local arcade we always play this back then

  15. I really love Starscream's constant "Aaagh!".

  16. Normally, you wouldn't hear a lot of things because there would be like seven other loud arcades playing in the back ground. But here, we're in the computer without any noise.

  17. Antonio Joel Mesa #stopmrdweller #amdreignssupreme says:

    Wow cool, i used to play this game when i was a kid

  18. venesa's va isnt bad but jay's is just awful so bad

  19. I remember i play that before i 4 years old

  20. Damn I remember playing this game in the mall arcade as a child. Great memories

  21. Well atleast soundwave voice is alright

    And Megatron voice is so good

  22. Truly a Transformers game. Exsplosions are so loud I can't hear what they're saying.

  23. 15:09 HeS gOnNa CaTcH uS also voice acting is soooooo bad sooo many targets and it's so cringe also 21:01 meg's breath stinks

  24. After riding Transformers the Rode 3D at Universals, this game was a dream come true

  25. None of the players I seen in this arcade game were as skilled as you – though justified, they're non-Japanese/Chinese/Korean Asians and are casual people on mall trips.

    Though it seems like it's almost not possible to take no damage at the entire run!

  26. Wow! I remember playing this in a Florida Arcade, Starscrean was really hard to beat.

  27. Optimus doesn’t sound like Peter Cullen.

  28. my question is, how the hell were you able to screen capture an arcade game

  29. Starscreams actor did a great job imo I prefer it over the movies

  30. Wait u played this before but I seem to suck at it

  31. Hm but I wonder how did you record this on an arcade ting

  32. Try to keep your combos by holding your fire. The more combos you held, the more points you’ll get!

  33. 4:51 why would laserbeak come back just to give star scream the device…

  34. Eu falo em portogus eu ja joguei esse jogo

  35. ninja fishing #nukevotratv #killyoutubekids🇺🇦 says:

    I want sega to make pacific rim 2 player arcade game

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