Top 80s Arcade Games on "HQ Megacade" (Part 1) - Extreme Home Arcades -

Top 80s Arcade Games on “HQ Megacade” (Part 1) – Extreme Home Arcades

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What’s up gamers! Join me as we take a trip back to the 80’s to experience some of the greatest games to ever come to the arcade. I know some of you guys remember playing these classics back in the day. I hope you enjoy the video. Remember to hit that thumbs up for more. Also, be sure to leave a comment below to let me know what was your favorite arcade games from the 80’s.

0:00 – Intro
1:45 – Pac-Man
9:27 – Ms. Pac-Man
15:52 – DigDug
20:43 – Donkey Kong
24:25 – Tempest
26:24 – Galaga
30:55 – Tapper
33:50 – Chase H.Q.
38:14 – Karate Champ
41:22 – Double Dragon
46:45 – Pole Position
48:15 – Centipede
52:14 – Joust
55:08 – Defender
58:12 – Final Thoughts/Outro

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  1. Great video, I would love one of these.. but no room for it. Can you play games like Star Wars that use the handles, or Spy hunter that has pedals? I felt like I seen a trackball on it when you were setting it up for games like Major Havoc and whatnot.

  2. I enjoyed your video. You made me feel like I was at the arcade. I have some 80s and 90s arcade games on my PS4 and Nintendo Switch. I would like to see a part 2 of the 80s arcade games. My favorite arcade game is Donkey Kong. I like your arcade room.

  3. Hey DThomas,
    I love the videos and your energy in them. Much respect to your passion too!! I was wondering if you could show me the layout that you decided when you ordered the Megacade. Such as, the options you selected when personalizing. If I could get a model just like yours, I’m curious on the price. Thanks man. God bless

  4. There was a pharmacy a few miles from my house that had Double Dragon in the foyer and my friend and I used to ride our bikes down there to play when we could return enough bottles for change. I remember the first time we beat it and you had to fight each other after the final boss fight. He didn't have his hands on the controls because we were so excited. I picked up the bat and went to town. He was so pissed :).

  5. The 4way is the best way to play PAC MAN and MS. PAC MAN for sure I'm going to invest in getting the megacade pedestal from Extreme Home Arcades

  6. My favourites of the 80's are Flying Shark, 1942, Twin Cobra and Truxton among many others. As you can guess, i've a verticle scrolling shootemup fan. My high score for Ms Pacman is 20230 and Pacman is 17890 so, i'm not so good on these games. Great video DThomas!!!! Love them, please keep them coming!!

  7. DT, how are you playing DK and don’t know about the 2nd stage?? Bro, stage 3 would absolutely blow your mind….

  8. 41:30 is that just a coincidence?.. you were just kicked out of Karate Dojo only to save a girl from a Ruthless Martial Arts gang.. with your twin brother.. 😜😜

  9. Hey thomas did you look up and add the square agitator I told you about.

  10. Everytime you brag about your superior game play you get stuffed. Maybe you sack that mate 😁 Never the less I enjoyed the video keep them coming…

  11. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 watching you play and react is hilarious…. all those games are classic for me….

    Oh btw…defender….you can turn around and go the opposite way ….lol and shoot behind you…🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. Where in the world you get that from. I need it in my life

  13. Can you do another 80s video? Some requests Space Harrier, Hang On, PaperBoy, Zaxxon, Burger Time, Mouse Trap. Really appreciate your videos.

  14. For real though, that Pac-Man playing was pretty darn impressive.

  15. hey do you remember me you should me the amazon 8 t b hard drive for ps4. how much does the HD Megacde COST

  16. I would love to see a video of you playing games that you never played in your life

  17. Hey DT, So Pac-Man, Dig-Dug ll worked the same as your video… although… Aqua Jet, Offroad challenge, tempest, and Alpine Skier does work with spinner. I know you don't have a spinner..LOLOL!

  18. Mapping the Spinner is difficult or not responding, the TB does!

  19. OK, just figured out Tempest for those wondering… you need to have the Spinner and flip the toggle switch to the left (activates the 3 buttons next to the 4 way JS) also go into P1 game setting under input and select analog, click and spin the spinner!

  20. Hey DT….. my Chase HQ runs in a small screen not like in your video???

  21. Duh… DT there is like 6 Double Dragons….LOLOL!

  22. if you ever get a chance. I saw that these things have Stepmania on it as well. Can you do a little presentation on how it works for these machines please?

  23. Joust and tempest all the way !! 🙂 and gauntlet. I have a question for any old school arcade gamers out there. There was game that came out around 82 I belive and it was one where you shot a crossbow at a screen and had to protect your characters from things coming at them and shoot the items. IT was a medieval fantasy one that was very cool to play. Any one remember it and the name of it?

  24. Maybe you should be able to decide which joystick to use and have the other joystick disabled so you don't accidentally hit it.

  25. Pure entertainment value = 101% 😀
    Lol "how'd I NOT…get that DOT!"
    …"don't you do it Red! Don't you DO IT!" 😜

  26. Brothers in arms and warriors reg. Xbox or ps2

  27. Hello I'm new to your channel wanted to ask you a few questions regarding the build your have on your arcade machine

  28. Oh wow, Dig Dug. I was a fucking god at Dig Dug. I could play for over 2hrs on one quarter; over 2 million points. I'd have like 10 extra men along the bottom and would have to quit when I either had to piss or go home. I was also great at Q-bert and Zaxxon. Defender and Stargate I never got the hang of. Had a friend who was fantastic at it and it was amazing to watch him play. Same thing as another friend who was fantastic at Robotron 2084. I sucked at it but he was a god. I would love to have one of these 4 player machines so I could get a long-ass session of Gauntlet or Gauntlet II going; I loved that game!

  29. as a kid I. scored over 100k on Ms.Pac-Man ..but as an adult with my own arcade high score is 76980…I don't really play regular pac-man….great channel dude…keep up the fun vids

  30. Yo I used to sneak out of church and play these games in Philly at the corner cheesesteaks store, I had Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man down had 2million my high score I had the patterns down. Joust and Gorf and Mr. Do were my games and Qbert. Defender a blast you have to pick up the pods on the bottom…Yo I'm glad you in NC. I'm moving to Orlando, FL, this will be coming to my new HOME!

  31. Does the Megacade have Techmo Knight on here

  32. does it have dragons lair and space ace on it?

  33. Hey great vid man, just curious is there a way to delete games to clean it up a bit? such has bad clone games like the dig dug clone.

  34. These are the games that started gaming.

  35. Joust one my favorite 80s Arcade Game 🕹

  36. Do they have Assassins Creed 2, Metal Gear Solid 2 and any GTA games (as far as Classic Console Games) ?

    This Megacade is definitely worth the money for an infinite amount of game tied to many people's childhoods. Getting me one for sure 👍

  37. I went to the companies website and it looks like you should have Space Dungeon which is super rare and Robotron 2084. Those two games are played with 2 joysticks, 1 to move and one to shoot. Have you tried either game? Just curious how you would play these on your machine.

  38. My god….what a trip down memory lane. People who didn't live it don't understand….in the 80's, going to the arcade was THE thing to do. Arcades were like Starbucks, today….they were EVERYWHERE. Every mall, for sure, but I remember downtown where I lived, there were 5 arcades within a 4 block area….and they were always all packed. Thanks for that…..that console is definitely on the bucket list. Punch out, Robotron, Asteroids, and Dragon's Lair were iconic games worth showing on the megacade, as well.

  39. Dude great review on the HQ Megacade. I want one!!! keep posting game play just makes me want one more! Part 2, 3 , 4……
    Does it save all the high scores and battery backup in case of power outage?

  40. Highest score in pacman?? reaching level 2 lol

  41. 100,000 on pacman points Mrs pacman 350,000

  42. Hey d Thomas it's Dee Brown didn't hear from you in a while telling me how can I get the Manhattan project drive I like to order it can you give me the information where I can order it at

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