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Top 80 BEAT’EM UP Arcade Games

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Beat ’em ups are video games which pit a fighter or group of fighters against many underpowered enemies. Gameplay usually spans many levels, with most levels ending in an enemy boss. If multiple players are involved, players generally fight cooperatively.

It is often useful to characterise gameplay as either 2D (largely characterised by the player walking only to the left or right) or 3D (characterised by full movement in the implied horizontal plane, sometimes also with a button for jump). Graphics can likewise be categorised as 2D (with sprites, sometimes with an isometric or parallax effect) or 3D (polygons), or hybrid (e.g. sprite characters in front of polygon backgrounds, or vice versa). #BeatEmUpArcade #TopBeatEmUP #BestBeatEMUP #CoinOpsNext2


  1. What is the beat'em up shown in the thumbnail?

  2. B.Rap Boys can kiss my you know what lol. That's how aggravating that game is.

  3. Hi!
    I'm looking for a game.
    It was this beat them up game that, if you manage to beat up the boss of the respective stage, the boss will join you and unlock him as a playable character.

  4. Two Crude!! I was looking for the name of that game for about 30 years!!! I wached the video hoping to find it and BINGO!! It was here!!! THX so much dude!!

  5. I noticed a few quality arcade brawlers missing like Burning Fight, Gaia Crusaders, Metamorphic Force & Mutation Nation. If you are not familiar with them, I think you should give them a try.

  6. my favorite metamorphic force is not included in this list..

  7. Official TruVo (Tru-Dru VEVO) Channel says:

    6:02 can't get not possible unless Capcom Rerelease it!

  8. Wheres joe & mac, spin master, metal slug, sunset riders, battle circuit ?

  9. I'm finding one about two cops climbing an skycrawler. Plzz


  11. Street Smart est un versus fighting , pas un beat ' em up . Il y a aussi big fight big trouble in the atlantic ocean , legionnaire , mutation nation , burning fight , arabian fight , arabian magic …

  12. double dragon 3 was crap regardless of arcade or console

  13. Thanks man, I find an old game in this video "Kuri Kinton"

  14. Wow, how did you recreate the looks of the arcade cabinets? It's amazing.

  15. Where is Kung Fu Master from Irem Corp.?

  16. Cual es el juego que aparece en la miniatura?
    (What is the game of the miniature?)

  17. Can you please let me know what Image this is? Awesome channel BTW!

  18. I registered a dislike simply because the actual content takes up only 1/6th of the available viewable space..

  19. YES FINALLY!!!! StreetSmarts is a game I been looking for forever. I remember the game just didnt remember the name of it! Thanks man!!!

  20. i still can't find that damn game…u.u good video bro !

  21. Se ven geniales todos los themes del hyperspin con los Cabinets, donde los puedo descargar?

  22. Mano esse é meu estilo de luta preferido. Nos anos 90 era várias fichas no fliper do centro, muito bom bom cara 😁👍

  23. Awesome presentation. I found alot of gem I've never hear of. I must play them!

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