Top 60 of the best arcade beat em up games -

Top 60 of the best arcade beat em up games

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Best arcade MAME beat em ups of the 80’s & 90’s. These brawlers include hack ‘n slash games and some have slight elements of RPG in them.
Listed in no particular order,it’s just 60 recommendations /ideas.
I haven’t put SOR 2 in because I don’t class it as an arcade game.
I couldn’t get Pretty soldier sailor moon rom to work so that game isn’t in the video.
There are some games with annoying sound delays.

Games in video;

Double dragon
Battle circuit (up to 4 players)
Undercover cops
King of dragons (up to 3 players)
Arabian magic (up to 4 players)
Shadow force
Captain commando (up to 4 players)
D&D Shadow over Mystara (up to 4 players)
Alien storm (up to 3 players)
Karate blazers (up to 4 players)
Spider-man (up to 4 players)
Knights of valor 2 (up to 4 players)
Crude buster
Golden axe Revenge of Death adder (up to 4 players)
Crime fighters (up to 4 players)
Bucky o’ hare (up to 4 players)
Violent storm (up to 3 players)
Bad dudes
Night slashers (up to 3 players)
Gate of doom
Cadillacs and dinosaurs (up to 3 players)
Altered beast
Turtles in time (up to 4 players)
Shadow warriors
Dynasty wars
Growl (up to 4 players)
Alien vs Predator (up to 3 players)
Moon walker (up to 3 players)
Combatribes (up to 3 players)
Sengoku 3
Warrior blade
Crystal of kings
Ninja baseball bat man (up to 4 players)
Arabian fight (up to 4 players)
Captain America (up to 4 players)
Splatter house
Dungeon magic (up to 4 players)
Battle toads (up to 3 players)
Golden axe
Die hard
Vendetta (up to 4 players)
Armoured warriors (up to 3 players)
Blade master
X-men (up to 4 players)
Knuckle bash
D& D Tower of doom (up to 4 players)
Hook (up to 4 players)
D.D crew (up to 4 players)
Warriors of fate (up to 3 players)
Knights of the round
Gaiapolis (up to 4 players)
Gaia crusaders
Metamorphic force (up to 4 players)
Simpsons (up to 4 players)
Turtles (up to 4 players)
Final fight

Other games;

64th street
Age of heroes
B.rap boyz
Batman forever
Battle cry
Big fight
Bone crusher
Brute force
Burning fight
Chan bara
Chinese hero
Dark seal
DJ boy
Double dragon 2
Double dragon 3
Down town
Dragon bowl
Dynamite dux
Express rodeo
Flash gal
Gang wars
Gladiator – Road of the Sword
Guardians of the hood
Ikari 3
Kabuki Z
Ken go
King of the monsters 2
Knights of Valour
Knights of Valour plus
Knights of Valour super heroes
Knuckle Joe
Kung fu master
Kuir kinton
Lady master of kung fu
Legend of heroes
Light bringer / Dungeon magic
Mighty guy
Mutation nation
Mug smashers
My hero
Ninja clowns
Ninja combat
Ninja kids
Ninja mission
Ninja warriors
Oriental legend
Pretty soldier sailor moon
Riot city
Robo army
Robocop 2
Sengoku 2
Shingen samurai fighter
Silent dragon
Skull and crossbones
Super man
Tecmo knight
Legend of silkroad
Tough turf
Samurai fighter shingen
Wild fang
Wizard fire
Zombie revenge
Zero team


  1. There's arcade beat em up game i want to play but i forgot the title!! maybe you should add more games!!

  2. I've been looking for Crude Buster for a week now, thanks man!

  3. Forgot, ( trojan and tiger road )….🇩🇴🤦🏽‍♂️

  4. Alien vs Predator is going on my emulator now

  5. I keep searching for this game that is just like final fight.. I've found a lot of games close to it but not the exact one. I know one of the first few levels you're walking through a bar and beating dudes up.. I know when you would kill a guy it would be a turkey on a plate you could eat to get health. There are other games like that with food items.. I just can't seem to find this game. You could be 2 players I believe, two guys… Thanks!!

  6. Good collection my brother! a big hug from your new subscriber from brazil

  7. Arcade games could be "too much" or an awkward version of a game, but, in the hands of the most qualified developers and under the right conditions(designed to get your quarters first and foremost), you'd have gold! They certainly had the graphics threshold to be the best version of a game. And, let's face it; prior to the SNES(Ninja Warriors is an rare example), no version of a game was touching the arcade rendition and it wasn't until PS1 where you had a console that could really give you a similar enough game to match the arcade up to 70 percent of the time.

  8. Searching for an old arcade game (Beat'em ups), where you can choose 1 character ( 2 same ninja guys red and blue, girl and green muscle old man), first boss where 2 twins with halebarda, second on the piers who have a skill that send to you an crow, 3 some phantom or who can disappear. Can some one help me find this game ? Mersi.

  9. Loved the list, but you forgot Robocop, Superman, and Strider.

  10. That's some really great lists, found some games I didn't recall before but played when was kid, thanks

  11. Knights of The Round is my fave hack and slash.

  12. Looking for something I haven't played, yet "beat'em" all

  13. It misses the best one for me, as good as Final Fight, Zero Team 2000.

  14. Cant bucky o hare be considered a run and gun game?

  15. The punisher and alien vs predator is the sickest ones personally

  16. These are just 60 games that was run across

  17. 1987 first game and Operation Wolf I played those two that when they came out I was 9 then! KOD straight hard but 2022 is the new Platinum Age of beat em up and Hack N' Slash Games! PS4-5 still sell some of them including Capcom Belt Action collection to name one of them.

  18. Thank you for your great work of info and research, just one thing in the second chapter of suggestion, it's Chanbara and not "Cahnbara" 🙂 Thanks again!

  19. STREETS OF RAGE 2 is the best beat'em up game all times!

  20. Growl was a classic! Super fun to play and the dialogue was funny as fuck.😆

  21. Make the screen size smaller next time, it was too big 😂

  22. dude you should have put in sor2 in there because there exists a sor2 arcade version

  23. Awesome list. But how about Legionnaire?

  24. Haha is that Guile in THE COMBATRIBES?

  25. In Dungeons And Dragons: Tower Of Doom, shouldn't the Cleric just have used his Turning Undead spell?

  26. No Rival Turf? Or Magician Lord either??? No self-respecting list is complete without those titles. Nah jk. Great list though. Brought back so many memories.

  27. I was searching to find the upto 4player brawler that annoyed me because it had health as a timer, and 6:56 helped put a button on my search. Crime Fighters aaaarrrrgggghhhh 😠
    Probably one of my first realizations of a money grab, as a kid in the 80s.

  28. i remember a beat em up sets in grece mitological times the character was aspartan like warrior but cant remember the title, was a good game

  29. Double dragon one of my absolute favorites!!!!

  30. Wow! What a list! I love it! Thank you!

  31. 11:40 Shadow Warriors? I thought this arcade was Ninja Gaiden.

  32. "Crude Buster" thank you I found this jewel again !

  33. Great list I was looking for gate of Doom for so long but can't remember the Name

  34. Great list 👌 wish they included batman forever arcade and gauntlet legends.

  35. Punisher and Predator vs Aliens is god tier arcade gaming!

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