Top 5 - Weirdest arcade games ever -

Top 5 – Weirdest arcade games ever

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Arcade games should provide a unique experience, one that you can’t get anywhere else. The arcade machines in this video certainly deliver in that aspect. Here is our top 5 weirdest arcade games ever and to no one’s surprise most of these can be found in Japan.

5. Densha de Go!

Densha de Go! or “Let’s Go By Train!” is actually a relatively normal game. You take the role of a train driver driving actual train routes in Japan while following a very strict schedule. The game is extremely difficult to play. You have to stop within 30 centimeters of the prescribed point and you can’t be more than half a second late. The Japanese don’t mess around when it comes to public transport!

4. Super Table Flip

Who didn’t at one point in their life want to flip a table in anger? That’s the premise of Super Table Flip. You play an angry father who has just received some bad news and totally loses his shit at the dinner table. You need to smash your hands as hard as you can on a real table that’s part of the arcade cabinet. The harder you hit it the more your on-screen family trembles in fear. Arrrrrrg!

3. Amusement Washing Machine

Nobody likes doing laundry but what if you turned washing your clothes into fun mini-games? That’s what inventor Lee Wei Chen did when he came up with the Amusement Washing Machine. You play all sorts of mini-games that synch with the washing machine. The washing machine is active as long as you’re alive in the game so you better not die if you want clean clothes!

2. Urinal Arcade Games

The Exhibit Bar in London has very a unique arcade game you can play in the men’s restroom on a mounted display above the urinal. The game isn’t played with your hands but rather with your real life joystick. In the skiing mini-game you accelerate by increasing your stream strength and turn by aiming left or right. Just be sure to stay within the target area or you run the risk of pissing off your neighbour.

1. Boong-Ga Boong-Ga

Boong-Ga Boong-Ga also known as Spank ’em is the most bizarre arcade game we’ve ever seen. The arcade cabinet comes with a peripheral in the shape of a butt which you need to spank. The characters you can spank range from mother in law to child molester. Besides spanking you can also perform a kancho on your victim which is a Japanese prank that involves sticking your fingers up someone’s rear end. When you are finally done punishing the plastic ass the machine prints out a card that explains your sexual behavior … because why the hell not.

What is the weirdest arcade game you’ve ever played? Let us know in the comments and please like the video and subscribe to the channel!


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  1. 5 – Actually a pretty normal game, it's just hard to play
    4 – this one is a bit weird yet I would love to play it xD
    3 – one of the best ideas in human history!!
    2 – so far the weirdest game is from London. Looks funny but I wouldn't be able to play it longer than some seconds.
    1 – Congratulations London (for not being #1), South Korea made one of the weirdest games I've ever heard of.

  2. How can you not stop peeing for ten minutes straight?

  3. How does anyone have piss to play the urnal game

  4. I played Super Table Flip at the Round 1 arcade in Okinawa when I was there is a kid. It was really fun.

  5. i thought osu in arcade was the weirdest arcade game? P/S: I play it like a pro

  6. That pee game… What if your out of juice :/

  7. Do atgames arcade games the 30 Sega genesis games,3 mortal kombat games and 40 arcade games


  9. last game reminds me when kakashi did one thousand years of death on naruti

  10. I played the creepy zombie one I had nightmares…

  11. The Japanese games are only weird by American standards.

  12. WTF?!!?! The Table Flip game 😮😮😂😂😂😂

  13. The no.5 is from Japan and…it is not WEIRD!!!!That's the coolest…

  14. The last one has deeply disturbed me.

  15. Lover boy is the weirdest arcade game ive played

  16. how the hell do you play for longer then seconds at the urinal game?

  17. The graphics in the last one, Boong-Ga Boong-Ga were hideous and disturbing!

  18. I find it bazaar that the Japanese have a word that means ‘prancing someone by putting your fingers in there ass’.

  19. Family: ignores the father
    Father: REeEEEeEeEeEeeEEeEeEeEEeeEeEeeE

  20. I'm afraid if I played the table flip game I'd likely break the model table. I imagine a lot of other cold too.

  21. If the urinal game is played by your "joystick", do you still keep playing after there is "no more lemonade" left in the "joystick"?

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