Top 5 Arcade Machine Racers -

Top 5 Arcade Machine Racers

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This time Andre Harrison will take you through his Top 5 Arcade Cabinets. Do you agree with this list? Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. Initial D Arcade Stage and F-Zero AX are two more amazing arcade cab racers developed by Sega.

  2. i liked this sega list…(im a sega fan so no complaints) and what do you think about crazy taxi and virtua racing?

  3. even though i wanted pole position on this list, i do agree that sega had the best games(i grew up playing scud race and daytona usa 2)

  4. my first game ever was Sega rally 2 on pc and it made me who I am today

  5. mine would probably be the Ferrari 355 challenge arcade. Absolutely brilliant arcade there. Has a 6 speed manual transmmission with the clutch! Love doing heel and toe in that machine.

  6. am i the only one who 'Scared' To "Game Over" scene daytona USA and Sega Rally? idk but i really scared when thats comes out…

  7. This is a message for those of you that do not wish to play an arcade port of the #1 game that is on this list.  There is also a PS2 port (and it is available worldwide as far as I know) of Outrun 2 for the PS2 that has even MORE features than its arcade counterpart and it is also equally as good of a game as its arcade predecessor.  I think that it is called Outrun: Coast2Coast.

  8. You missed out ridge racer!! That was my favourite

  9. I agree that Outrun 2 / Outrun 2 Coast 2 Coast is the best arcade racer.

  10. I love outrun, it’s a shame grid has dominated all the remaining arcades in my area.

  11. Outrun 2 SP Deluxe is my absolute favorite racing game ever.

  12. In my country we have the manx tt in a bowling area

  13. what is the title of the last game seen in the video?

  14. You really out here sleeping on Fast and furious supercars arcade

  15. All of them Sega Machines too! But no Ridge Racer? I am disapoint!

  16. You forgot the Initial D Arcade Stage series. Oh, and Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune. And SEGA World Drivers Championship.

  17. Outrun, Dayton USA, saga rally, GRID,

  18. Crusin usa, Ridge Racer, Side by side, Midnight RuN, & Initial D, Wangan midnight MaXimum, & Need for Speed CarboN, my best favorite arcade racing games ever,,,,👌👌👌👌

  19. Manx TT was amazing! My dad's friend owned a shop for motorbike stuff and he would let us play free. It was amazing.

  20. My list, in no particular order: Daytona Usa, Manx TT, Cruisn Usa/World (even Blast is pretty decent,) Hydro Thunder, and Super GT (aka SCUD Race.)

  21. How game have jet aircraft flying sometimes over road?
    Is a cabinet arcade maybe Namco (I don' know), maybe beteen 1993 and 2014.
    A replay start after racing.
    If I am correct have Mercedes Benz 190 E or similar.

  22. Ferrari F355 challenge was my favourite especially in the delux cabinet that gave you a print-out of your performance

  23. I'm surprised he didn't mention Virtua Racing or Cruis'n USA or San Francisco Rush or Hydra Thunder etc…

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