Top 30 best SNES exclusive arcade games not on Sega Genesis -

Top 30 best SNES exclusive arcade games not on Sega Genesis

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Best SNES exclusive arcade ports. snes vs arcade .30 classic arcade / MAME ports exclusively on Super Nintendo /Famicom
The SNES is an arcade machine with conversions not seen on Sega Genesis/ Megadrive,
I’ve listed 30 in no particular order to show that the snes had it’s fair share (thanks to Capcom)
of arcade games exclusive to the system. (Not on Sega)
Includes Japanese releases,SNES on the left with volume ,arcade on the right with no volume.


  1. You forgot super baseball 2020 is a good game and good neo geo port.

  2. Kiler Instinct was my favorite. 😎Also, Genesis did get a game similar to Turtles in Time called Hyperstone Heist.

  3. What the Hell happened to the Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time? It's in black and white…

  4. If only dungeons and dragons came to snes back then

  5. There is a minor mistake in the video. Genesis not only didn't have World Heroes 2 port, but World Heroes 1 as well. Because that THING isn't even a game…

  6. Sega Genesis Arcade ports >>>>>>>>> SNES arcade ports.

  7. Street fighter Alpha 2 snes its my favorite game

  8. I haven't played it but after watching videos of it, it's amazing they got street fighter alpha 2 to run as well as it does on the SNES. Yeah it's not arcade perfect but hell, it's still an amazing feat.

  9. I also have all 3 parodius games on super famicom. They're harder than shit but freaking hilarious! Lol.

  10. Can you make a video what games can play with a
    Snes arcade controller

    I have 4
    Super mario RPG, street fighter, final fight, ninja warriors.

  11. Snes looks trash compared to arcade plus sega had way more exclusives better performance and blood snes kiddy system

  12. Had no idea snes had that many arcade games very impressive sega is still awesome too.

  13. These are arcade games that were ported to the SNES, sorry to nit pick. I do really enjoy the video though.

  14. Sega had Final Fight on the Sega CD. I think that counts… 🤔

  15. 5:10 – much more old arcade games like these could´ve easily been ported to the SNES

  16. I loved the snes and is still my favourite console but I don’t remember having some of these games I loved in the arcade

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