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TOP 25 NEO-GEO Arcade Games

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Colección de los mejores juegos para NEO-GEO, TOP 25.

P.D. Hacer un top de Neo-Geo siempre es difícil ya que tiene grandes juegos, pero he intentado no repetir muchos juegos de la misma series, para que la lista tuviera más variedad.


  1. i cant believe samurai spirits series on this video was kinda jipped. like should have shown more of samurai spirits series then art of fighting or fatal fury

  2. Neo Geo was way ahead of it's time!! That's why it was 600.00 dollars in the 80s!!!!👍🏿😎. What made the Neo Geo so cool, it seemed like you were playing a cartoon game! I still prefer video games with graphics that look like a cartoon vs real life graphics like these modern games.

  3. Neo geo is great and ninja masters is the best game ever

  4. What's filter did you use? shadereffect

  5. mutation nation I used to play that and the king of monsters game.

  6. Até hoje ainda jogo esses jogos no meu celular. São os melhores

  7. my favorite ones last blade…king of fighters…garow mark of the wolves…samurai showdown…they forgot a couple like waku waku 7 and gowcaizer

  8. The King Of Fighters 97 era pra estar nessa lista, e no topo, é de longe o melhor jogo, a história, o gráfico, trilha sonora. Logo 97 é o melhor!

  9. Awesome. brings back good memories. SNK, Capcom, and Konami are the best

  10. Always felt like SNK and Capcom were the DC and Marvel companies of video games. They both copied ideas from each other and every now and then out did each other as well. But I will say that I think SNK was highly innovative when it came to the fighting games if back in the day. Capcom pretty much took the ball and ran with it.

  11. I totally disagree this rating. Some other deserving games are missing in this list.

  12. Puros buenos recuerdos que pasábamos muchos con los amigos jugando mientras las mamás esperando las tortillas ahí se veía quien era un gamer de verdad sin ayuda de internet la mayoría de esos juegos si tuve la dicha a ver jugarlos

  13. Y los sigo disfrutando todos,como lo hacía cuando me mandaban por las tortillas y siempre llegaban frías jajaja ,tengo un super emulador para Xbox,si alguien gusta por acá anda👍😁saludos

  14. Oi bom dia cade rei dos vídeos gemes eu. Quero. Sabe. De vocês. Um abraço do Felipe Gomes Adriano DF

  15. Awesome video content because now i think i want a Neo Geo game system and it has some real decent games for it 👍.

  16. subsrcib my channl and ply
    snk all game on your mobile phon

  17. I have an neo Geo arcade cabinet, I got it from my friend who closed down his arcade so he sold it to me for a cheap price!! I love Neo Geo and SNK!! Huge fan!! Anyone selling an Neo Geo pocket color and SNK VS CAPCOM for neo Geo pocket color or an SNK vs Capcom chaoes arcade cabinet, I will but it off you!!??

  18. 学生時代を思い出す

  19. Kof and the last blade are the best games ever

  20. In my dreams I always wanted to play with Billy, Eiji, Yamazaki and Heavy D! In KOF 99,00 01 Etc Etc

  21. My top 6:
    1. KOF 98
    2. Garou
    3. Metal Slug 3
    4. Real Bout 2 Fatal Fury
    5. Kizuna Encounter
    6. Prehistóric Isle in 1930

  22. Blue's Journey!!??? What about Prehistóric Isle in 1930??? 😒😠

  23. Ranking is bad garoo 1st place its a shame

  24. Real Boult Fatal Fury é o melhor da série.

  25. Top Hunter 12th? LOL
    One of the best neogeo coin-up ever.

  26. Infelizmente esse vídeo game não chegou no Brasil como o super Nintendo e o mega drive. Eu lembro que eu ficava vendo aquelas revistas de game e babando nos jogos do neo geo.

    Porque todos esos los jugué…
    Y muchos más….
    D E V E R I A N
    de estar todas las
    Sagas de:
    Metal slug
    KOF que es lo mejor….
    Eso es por mencionar ALGUNOS….

    mejores que los que están AHI

  28. What would this list of games have cost to buy back in the day? How many thousands, 10s of thousands of of £/$? Always makes me chuckle when I see these SNK games now go for a few pounds on PSN, etc.

  29. Street Hoop (lol) looks like a good NBA Jam substitute and it's available on PS4 😀 Will def be getting that.

  30. You had me at:

    Powerful words indeed…

  31. Happy to own 17 game from this list im from morocco north africa

  32. The future is here, no console has ever realized it like NeoGeo

  33. NOTHING can touch Metal Slug's art style and animations. So good.

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